10 Bloodiest Episodes In The MCU Films Till Now

We all sure love it when someone gets knocked down in a superhero flick. It may be a hero or it may be a villain, whoever it may be, we sure love when he/she hits the ground. Aren’t superhero flicks all about this? Well no, some of these knocked down action moments have even brought tears to people’s eyes. Here we list some of those moments where be it a hero or a villain or a side character got beaten up or killed real good in the MCU:

War Machine Goes Down

Oh yes, this one sure brought tears to a lot of eyes. War machine aka Colonel James Rhodes just before the climactic battle of Captain America: Civil War went down when Vision sought to shoot Falcon but his beam hit Rhodes instead. It was really sad to see how Tony Stark couldn’t reach in time to save his friend, as a consequence to which Rhodes became physically impaired.

Tony’s Parents Killed By The Winter Soldier

This again is a moment that brought tears to a lot of people including Tony Stark himself, who after having a change of heart goes to Captain America to make things right and sees his childhood friend Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier killing his parents without even flinching. A good fight came after this moment.

Blonsky Is Kicked

Blonsky is given at lease to the U.S. Army to take down the Hulk, but boy did he go too far? Coming in front of him asking to punch him, Banner lost it and punched him in The Incredible Hulk. Then the serum that he had taken turns him into Abomination.

Nick Fury Takes A Hit

Oh yes, no is going to forget this one. Him being hit was the whole fucking basis of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Fury after being attacked by the Winter Soldier, when survives is attacked by a sniper when he is at Cap’s residence.

Doctor Strange’s Crash

Here we surely can say that all that happens for a reason. The egotistical Doctor Steven Strange wouldn’t have become the supreme sorcerer if it weren’t for the fatal accident that he had to deal with. His car takes a turn for the worse, quite literally and he is then seen with serious implants in his hands making almost impossible for him to work.

Agent Coulson Is Impaled


This one again brought tears to a lot of people’s eyes. Just when we think Coulson will take on Loki and show all of us what the little guy can do, Loki shows him that he is a God by impaling him with his scepter and killing him. But, Coulson didn’t die, rather he came up with a whole new series of his own.

Happy is Bombed

jon favreau iron man contract mcu

This one was a shock that was received by the comic book fans who actually know how important a character Happy is. Hogan when chasing the Extremis infected soldier sees that he took rather gave something to a certain someone, who apparently was affected with Extremis. This then takes a turn for the worse when that guy just blows up almost killing Happy.

Puny God Gets His Butt Kicked By Bruce Banner

Yeah, this one is that one beating that everyone loves. Be it the people who love Hiddleston or the ones that love Hulk more, all seemed equally impressed with this one, oh and Loki’s expression after he’s beaten and Hulk calling him a Puny God, it was all just great, to say the least.

Winter Soldier Beats The Shit Out Of Captain America

This one made it to the second spot because this undoubtedly was good, but lacked a bit of what we have at the number one spot. He refuses to beat Bucky and just goes on doing his job, for which he is almost beaten to death by his BFF who then stops.

Captain America and the Winter Soldier beat Up Stark


Undoubtedly this had to be on the number one spot. Captain America and the Winter Soldier ganging up on Tony was a sight that actually made even the Cap fans feel sorry for Stark. This was one hell of a beatdown that resulted in dividing the Avengers.

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