Suicide Squad Beats Man Of Steel At The Box Office

Suicide Squad, the third movie released under DCEU has seen its share of naysayers and doubters. From jaded reviewers to bad press, the villain-centric movie has seen baggage of all kinds. Many reports were posted about the movie being a flop due to its choppy editing and unfocused character plots ,which even got the director David Ayer to take responsibility for the final cut that hit theaters. Though now, it seems those reports will become a thing of the dissipating past and forgotten. Forbes has just reported that Suicide Squad has surpassed Man Of Steel, another DCEU movie at the box office.


Man Of Steel which was released in 2013 accumulated $291.045 million at the box office.It was also another movie that was hit with controversy when the Zac Snyder movie opened across theaters. But like Man Of Steel, fans and movie-goers have ignored all the negative comments and reviews and brought Suicide Squad into $200 million benchmark.According to Forbes, the DC Comics offering would cross $300 million.


The DCEU has a long way to go to catch up to MCU who has eight years and 13 films behind it (plus an insane slate of future projects) Captain America:Civil War which was released by Marvel Studios this past sping surpassed over a billion dollars at the box office as compared to Suicide Squad.But these new numbers are pivotal for the DCEU which has tried to make its movies more audience friendly.

suicide squad man of steel

With the criticism that Man Of Steel and Batman Vs. Superman received for being too serious, the studio ordered reshoots to make Suicide Squad more comedic and lighter.And it seems to have worked as audiences worldwide have been responsive about the movie. The heavy publicity garnered by the film also broke records for August premiers and Fandango pre-sales.   All in all, a great feat for the underdogs of superhero movies.

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