5 Shocking Moments of MCU That Changed Everything

Fans have usually complained that MCU movies don’t bring out much change causing moments and events. But, here are the moments in the movies that brought a substantial amount of change for the future movies.

Tony’s Near Death Experience – The Avengers

The moment when Tony carries a nuke through the portal to save the earth and take down the Chitauri army, he almost died but luckily survived falling back to earth. This moment kept giving him anxiety and panic attacks that caused him to make multiple suits and then finally Ultron in Avengers 2.

Spiderman – Captain America Civil War

The only thing that has been totally explored after being introduced in Civil War is Spiderman. After his brief arc in the movie, Spidey got his own solo movie and that showed a lot of changes in the MCU which will be carried forward in Infinity War.

Loki’s Fake Death – Thor: The Dark World

Loki showed Thor an illusion of him dying in the second Thor movie which fooled Thor and then he managed to sneak into Asgard while Thor was on Earth. The end of the movie shows Loki sitting on the Throne with Thor not knowing about it. Doctor Strange showed Odin being disappeared and Ragnarok coming on Asgard. Now the rest will be discovered in Thor: Ragnarok.

Hydra taking over Shields – Captain America The Winter Soldier

In the second half of the movie, we see that Hydra has been operating from within Shield for almost 70 years and takes over after Nick Fury was murdered even though he was alive. This actually ends Shield in the movie world and causes The Avengers to form a separate private unit.

Tony Being Kidnapped – Iron Man

MCUWhen Tony goes for a Weapon’s demonstration in the middle east, he gets kidnapped by an organization called the 10 Rings. He then learns that his weapons have been doing more bad than good. Learning this he decides to fight it and escapes by making his first Iron Man suit within a cave. Without Tony’s origin as Iron Man, there would not have been an MCU!

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