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10 Biggest Unanswered Questions That The Peacemaker Finale Left Us With

Peacemaker released its final episode on Thursday and it ended up being one of the best shows that we have gotten this year. Considering the number of DC Extended Universe projects set to come out this year, we surely have the best starting ever. It is hard to imagine that the character of Peacemaker who was hardly known is now one of the most awesome DCEU characters. The ending of the first season clearly set up some interesting questions surrounding what we can expect regarding the future of the series. Now that it’s confirmed that we will get season 2 for Peacemaker, we can see the character being explored a lot more. Let’s take a look at all the questions that the Peacemaker finale has left us with.

Will We Get To See More Cameos In Season 2?

Peacemaker actually referenced a lot of characters in both the DC world and the DCEU. This clearly meant that these characters were going to appear sometime in the franchise. At the same time, Peacemaker could actually be used as a way to make other characters appear in the franchise. Plus, there are past characters who were given one-time appearances and we could see how Peacemaker could bring them back. Harley Quinn is one character who is much favored amongst the fans and she could make a cameo in the future of the series. Other than that, new characters like Shazam and Batgirl could also end up appearing in the narrative of Peacemaker.


Will We See The Justice League Again In Season 2?

The Justice League appeared in the finale and this clearly indicated that this could happen more often. They were referenced quite a lot in the movie and bringing them out in the episode could mean a lot more about the characters. Considering this cameo clearly means that things like these can happen more in the franchise, we might expect to see them appear again in Season 2. A potential return from these characters could also be done by bringing them to the narrative of Peacemaker. Since we didn’t really get to see Wonder Woman and Superman properly, it would be nice to see them appear in a much better cameo.


Are The Butterflies Dead Now?

Peacemaker Finale

The prime antagonist in the series was the Butterflies and they do end up creating a convincing narrative till the end of the series. We see their true plans and motives and it was actually something that was quite similar to Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But even though most of them were killed by the end of the series, the previous moment where they had all gathered has left us wondering if there are more. But considering the food source is killed we might expect most of them to be dead quite soon. Since Goff is still alive, we can expect to see them turn a new leaf in Season 2.


What Will Happen To Amanda Waller?

Considering Adebayo tells all about Amanda Waller and how she uses the Task Force X, A.R.G.U.S might be shut down. The government was secretly supporting this project as we had seen earlier in the first Suicide Squad film. Once this revelation came out, we can either expect that Amanda Waller is investigated or removed. Or, she could actually be saved by making a certain cover-up as she had managed to keep the Project Starfish under wraps from the people of the world. But since the Suicide Squad could be affected, we could see characters from The Suicide Squad making an appearance in season 2 of Peacemaker.


Will Auggie Keep Appearing For Chris?

One of the most emotional and abrupt moments in the series was when Auggie is shot by Chris. Even though this felt like the end of the character, he actually ends up appearing to Chris again when he was in the woods. This time around it is indicated that he is actually in Chris’ head and it actually references something from the narrative of Peacemaker from the comics. In the comics, Peacemaker had a father who died when he was very young and he had guilt about it. Later, his father appears from time to time and haunts him. This clearly means that we can expect to see a lot more of Auggie in the future of the series.


What Will Economos & Harcourt Do Now?

Both Economos and Harcourt, during their appearance in the post-credits scene for The Suicide Squad, indicated that the Peacemaker mission was actually a punishment from Waller. They both knew that it was supposed to mean that she wanted to get rid of them and they could hardly do anything about it. But the end of the series saw things take a very different turn. Economos is also seen sitting at a new base but we aren’t told what this means for the duo. Does it mean that both of them are clear of Amanda Waller or are they now in her good books?


Are Chris And Harcourt Getting Together?

In the finale, Harcourt gets severely injured it felt as though she might end up dying in the series. But that wasn’t the case as Peacemaker and the team took her to a hospital and she got treated there. From the very beginning, it was indicated that Peacemaker had an interest in Harcourt and it felt as though we might get to see them get together. Over the narrative of the series, they both got closer as a part of the team and it felt as though Harcourt actually cared for Chris. Since Peacemaker waited around for Harcourt to get better at the hospital, we see them sharing an intimate moment. It might be an indication of what we can expect to see from the characters in the upcoming season.


What Happened To The White Dragon’s Supporters?

Peacemaker Finale

When the White Dragon decided to go against Peacemaker, we saw him gather his massive army ready to attack him. This actually felt like a proper army of people who considered the White Dragon as their leader. But when they do end up appearing in the episode, the battle seems to be quite small. Even though Peacemaker kills his father, we are left wondering about the rest of the followers. Are there more of them still alive considering it seems rather easy the way Economos and Vigilante managed to kill them. We are actually left wondering if the rest of the followers would end up appearing in the upcoming season.


Where Is Adebayo’s Character Headed For?

It is absolutely brilliant how James Gunn introduced a character like Adebayo and made her rather likable. She was the one who had the least bit of experience in the series and yet she managed to be of great help to the team and helped the team out to the very end. But it is important to see that she was actually hired by her mother and this meant that things might not be clear for her yet. She ended up revealing everything about Amanda Waller in the end and this could mean that there is a rather dark future waiting for her. We are left wondering what would happen to her now that the entire Butterly Project is over and she has gotten back with her partner.


Who Is Peacemaker Now?

The series actually gave us a proper insight into the character of Peacemaker in a rather unique manner. It talked about the past of the character while at the same time talking about how he deals with his present. Considering he was was a villain in the DCEU based on his last appearance, we are left wondering what his character would be called now that he has managed to save the world. It could actually be a rather interesting turn to see the character being a hero while at the same time being absolutely violent like we have seen him. This could actually pave the way for one of the most interesting antihero characters in the DCEU.

Which other questions did you have after the Peacemaker finale? Let us know in the comments.

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