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DCEU Theory Perfectly Explains The Character Change Of Batfleck In BvS!

I think I speak for everyone when I say that Ben Affleck’s Batman was quite more aggressive and homicidal when he first appeared in Batman v Superman. When he first saw Superman rise to power, he wanted to kill him. That goes against many of Batman’s traits in the comics, where he is somewhat forgiving. And we never understood many of his decisions in that film, but we believe that this theory can change that. This new theory perfectly explains the character change of Batfleck in BvS.

Batman v Superman was the second project of the ambitious Zack Snyder. The movie marked the debut of Batfleck, who came across as more vicious than we expected after Man of Steel(2013). His ungoverned decision-making skills led him to decide that Superman is a threat to this world and has to be murdered. This didn’t make any sense for all the Batman fans out there because they know that no Batman is that quick to reach a verdict. That was until a fan presented a theory that perfectly explains this noticeable character difference.



A DCEU fan recently presented a theory where he suggested that there’s a reason that the Batman we see in Batman v Superman is more aggressive. He suggested that this anger and bad attitude towards almost everyone was due to the steroids that he had been taking. Now he suggested that Batfleck synthesized his own steroids from Bane’s infamous venom. Bane is a popular and vicious villain of Batman in the comics so it is almost possible that Ben Affleck’s version of Batman faced the villain somewhere along the lane.


This theory has made some movie critics rewatch the movie and change their perspective. And there’s a reason for that. Batfleck was greatly criticized for being out of character and too dull. Many viewers found it easy to label him as not that interesting. But this changes when they rewatch the movie while keeping in mind that this Batman has been doping. This theory, paired with the success of Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, and the glimpse of the never-released Batfleck movie has seen a sudden growth in Batfleck’s appreciation.



DCEU fans have always been complaining about the slow-paced movies but their primary complaint has always been the character change of Batfleck in BvS. And the thing that makes it worse is his behavior in the following movies where he is calmer and cooler. We didn’t have anything to explain this huge character change from two movies that came out in the same year. Because in 2016’s Suicide Squad, he is way more forgiving for Will Smith’s Deadshot. Not to mention his sudden, uncanny goofiness in Josstice League.


Batman vs Superman Fight Sequences

This new theory perfectly explains this huge shift without breaking any continuity. And not only that, we believe that this theory just might be true because of how it explains the character. We know that Batman wanted to take out Superman, who had just stopped a world-ending event all on his own. And he knew that he needed an edge over him if he ever wanted to overpower him. And while he found that edge in the customized Kryptonite weapons, it wasn’t enough. He needed more and he knew it. And Bane’s venom was the answer. He knew its side effects so he synthesized a similar substance for himself. And that made him more grateful. That made him VENGEANCE. JK!



Batfleck in BvS

Zack Snyder had plans for a solo Batfleck movie before he suddenly appeared in a BvS movie. The Batman v Superman plot is one of the most popular ones in the comics, and it was really important for him to adapt it into live-action. So, he envisioned a Batman who was gritty enough to think of taking on Superman. But it didn’t sit well with the fans and had to change the character of Batfleck in BvS.


While there has been no response from the director or the Studios that this theory is, in fact, correct, we are gonna assume that because it takes one of the biggest errors of the movie and explains it with no repercussions. Because Batman changed after this movie because he simply stopped taking those steroids. Because Batman learns from his mistakes! 

What are your thoughts on this character change of Batfleck in BvS? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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