Doc Brown from Back To The Future Reveals That Avengers 26 Will Arrive In 2077  

The 3 Back to the Future movies really presented a great insight into the time travel concept. Hollywood has always been obsessed with time travel, but now time travel has been brought to new heights. A lot of the credit for that goes to Avengers: Endgame. While other films tried to add a few variations in the time travel concept, it was Avengers: Endgame that brought a paradigm shift and mixed time travel with the concept of the Multiverse. Anyway we’ve only seen 4 Avenger movies by now. In the next decade, we’re probably going to get 3 more at max. But apparently, the infamous Doc Brown from Back to the Future has been to the future. He has confirmed that there will be 22 Avengers movies in the next 57 years. Woah!

Christopher Lloyd took on the persona of Doc Brown once more. This time, Doc Brown returned from the future at the world premiere for the game Surgeon Simulator 2 at Summer Game Fest. He talked about the future, introduced the game, and then said good bye as he was getting late for the premiere of Avengers 26: The Return of the Son of Thanos in 2077. It’s funny that he was getting late even though he had all the time in the world. Also, it’s cool to know that Superhero fatigue won’t kick in until 2077.

Doc Brown Reveals Avengers 26 Arrive In 2077

Image: Screen Rant

While this was a cool joke, let’s actually talk about the son of Thanos, Thane. There’s a chance that he might actually be seen in Phase 5 or Phase 6. But, it will surely not happen in Avengers 5. We’re not sure when Avengers 5 will hit the theatres. The logical year seems to be 2024, but let’s wait and see. If Doc Brown’s prediction about the 26th Avengers movie turns out to be true, then the rate at which the Avengers movies will hit theatres might substantially increase. We might get just 3 more Avengers movies in the new decade. But from the 2030s and beyond, Marvel will have to release at least 4 Avengers movies per decade. Only then will we be able to reach Avengers 26 in 2077. Let’s see what the future holds for us.

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