The Flash Season 2: It’s Almost Confirmed Who is Zoom

Since the Flash season 2 began, the biggest mystery surrounding the show is pertaining to the identity of Zoom, the man behind that mask, in the same way, it was regarding ‘the man in a yellow suit’ or Reverse Flash in the debut season. A few days ago we had announcements of original Reverse Flash and Ronnie Raymond as Deathstorm coming back which made fans even more desperate about searching for any clues to figure out the identity of Zoom. Well, the search is over, thanks to the trailer of post mid-season episode which made it absolutely clear who Zoom really is. Here are the possibilities which will enable you to find out who is Zoom:

Barry Allen Earth-2 version:

There were rumors that the Earth-2 version of Barry Allen himself is Zoom. This theory has turned out to be damp squib as we can see Earth-2 version of Barry with Iris West in the latest trailer.


Henry Allen Earth-2 version:

This is yet another crazy theory peddled by the fans on the basis of him saying “He went fishing” when he was away from Central city and Zoom also supposedly said, “I like fishing”. This is quite a stretch and given the emotional intensity of his return and helping Barry get his mojo back, it would be wild if he actually turns out to be Zoom.


Hunter Zolomon:

If show-makers decides to go the comic-book route, Zoom is actually Hunter Zolomon. He was a member of Keystone Police Department who specialized in cracking cases concerning low-level metahumans. He challenged his friend Wally West to become a better Flash in order to prepare himself for any kind of risks that he may have to take, to become a hero he is supposed to be. It’s no different than “I am going to send meta-humans on your planet”.


Eddie Thawne Earth-2 version:

The difference between Zoom and Flash is the color of speed-force, the fact that his speed energy is blue as opposed to red or yellow casts a suspicion on Eddie Thawne’s Earth-2 version being Zoom. He was a good cop, a former ally who was caught in the crossfire, may have been caught by blue energy when singularity took place. Also, Ronnie Raymond is back as a villainous character “Deathstorm”, the exact same thing can happen with Eddie.


The Rival Flash:

Another theory is that Zoom is the arch-enemy of Jay-Garrick, so he may be the dark twisted version of Jay, also known as The Rival Flash in the comics.


If you have any other theories as to who is Zoom, do share in the comments below!

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