3 Best Movie Twists That You Never Imagined

Every movie has its own trump card. Some movies are predictable while others are beyond our imagination. Take a look at these 3 movies and their twist that you never imagined.

The Others


This is a clever mutiny of the haunted house movie. The movie is written and directed by Alejandro Amenábar. This movie is set in the era of post-World War II in Britain and is about a woman, Grace (Nicole Kidman) and her two kids who suffer from extreme photosensitivity live reclusively in a country mansion. Three mysterious servants show up and it is then when the bizarre stuff starts happening. The family senses the presence of others in the house. This made Grace increasingly paranoid and wary.  And finally, the dead dad arrives.

Here comes the twist:

It is finally revealed that the family themselves are the ghosts, and the others were actually new tenants living in the house. So, the servants had died of TB and Grace has suffocated her kids and shot herself.

Primal Fear


Ed Norton played an altar boy Aaron Stampler, who is accused of murdering a Catholic Archbishop. Martin Vali (Richard Gere) plays the defense attorney who believes he is not guilty. This saga of financial corruption and sexual abuse unfolds and finally Vali is compelled to confront his client, and

Here comes the twist:

So, the twist is that Stampler turns out to have multiple personalities, and one of the personality actually admits killing the Bish.Valicomposes an incident in court which emboldensStampler to disclose his other self and it is because of this that the judge finds him not guilty. But the twist doesn’t end here, it is finally revealed that the whole multiple personality things were fake…lol

Planet of The Apes


This story revolves around an Astronauts crash which lands on a planet ruled by a population of apes. Here humans are mute and are also considered stupid and are kept as prisoners to experiment on. Lol..isn’t that funny. So, Human Taylor (Charlton Heston) makes friends with some inquisitive primates who basically wanna learn and know more about his origins and take him to a cave filled with “ancient” artifacts. These caves basically highlight that humans once ruled this society.

Here comes the twist:

It was finally in the climax they found half buried Statue of liberty and realized that the Planet of the Apes was actually Earth all along. Huh

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