Deathly Hallows Deleted Scene Shows Draco’s Redemption

Draco Malfoy is one of those characters in the Harry Potter series who has his lovers and haters as well. He is often described as a boy who wasn’t evil but made the wrong choices and was led to the dark path because of his roots. His whole family was death eaters and that obviously had a huge impact on him and his upbringing for sure. However, Draco still had some moments where his individuality could be seen. In the ‘Half-Blood Prince’ when Draco is standing in front of Dumbledore pointing his wand at him, it is quite evident that he was not going to kill Dumbledore. Some would say he simply didn’t have the guts to do it but we think it just shows that Draco was not inherently evil and had some light in him that made him lower his wand.

In the last film, Draco is mostly remembered for his confrontation with the trio in the room of requirement and that awkward hug with Voldemort at the end. However, in a deleted scene from the Deathly Hallows part 2, Draco can be seen doing something that might be seen as out of character by him. After Harry is found to be alive and everyone except the death eaters rejoice, Draco does something shocking in this never seen before a deleted scene. He runs towards Harry and throws his wand at him and thus arms him. He actually helps Harry to overthrow Voldemort in a pretty significant way and leaves behind his father’s cowardice. The moment goes by really fast but it is Draco’s hero moment for sure. This moment is not inspired by the book because there was no such scene in the novel and can be credited to the screenwriter and director of the film.

Deathly Hallows Deleted Scene Shows Draco’s Redemption

The deleted scene – which was released many years back and is still available to watch online – shows Draco realizing that he’s on the wrong side of the battle and thus tries to redeem himself by helping Harry. This was completely unexpected of his character but does add another layer to it. Harry had previously helped Draco in the room of requirements and this is how Draco pays him back. It does sound very poetic but the truth is that the scene was left out and most people haven’t seen it.

Potterheads who have watched this deleted scene online have mixed reactions on it with some being sad that it was cut out of the film while others feeling it was the right decision. The fact that it wasn’t written in the book and therefore not intended by JK Rowling is also a big factor. While a lot of people have said that the scene was probably cut out because the act seemed to be out of character for Draco, we think it is more than that. The scene is not very well executed which is probably the biggest reason it was cut out of the movie. As Draco runs between Harry and Voldemort, it is hard to even see what he actually does. The shot looks clumsy and the positioning just doesn’t work well which would’ve been hard to polish even after editing.

Deathly Hallows Deleted Scene Shows Draco’s Redemption

Draco as a character has quite a journey from being a brat to a kid troubled by his family’s ways and expectations of him. This scene does give him a bit more depth but maybe Draco should remain a flawed character just like he was intended to be by the author. However, for those who love Draco Malfoy as a character, they finally have a redemption arc for him and can be at peace for sure and for others, it is just a deleted scene from the last movie. At the end the fact remains that the writers finally decided against this character arc and chose to leave out this detail that could have changed the character’s perception forever.

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