11 Powerful Magical Artefacts in Marvel Comics That Could Replace MCU’s Infinity Gauntlet

Artefacts in Marvel Comics replace MCU’s Infinity Gauntlet:

Magic is a subject that has never been explored in detail in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The only source of explanation for all the magical forces moving around in the MCU comes from Doctor Strange. The fact that the Sorcerer Supremes was a pivotal cog in the Avengers’ plan to defeat Thanos cannot be ignored. The fans of Marvel Comics know that the comic books are filled with so powerful magical artefacts that even the Infinity Gauntlet would pale in comparison to their power. It is time Marvel Studios decides to bring these artefacts to the Silver Screen. After all, we need a replacement for the Infinity Gauntlet!

 1. The M’Kraan Crystal

Artefacts in Marvel Comics replace MCU’s Infinity Gauntlet

The M’Kraan Crystal is as much as a cosmic artefact as it is a supernatural remnant. The Crystal houses the first planet to ever house life in the universe. The sentient species that thrived in that planet are long gone but the crystal is now the nexus of all realities. If the M’Kraan Crystal is ever damaged or destroyed, the entire Multi-Verse is bound to meet a quick death. Many demons and sorcerers have tried to access the crystal and take control of it, in the lust for the power to control all the realities to ever exist. The crystal is one of the most prized possessions of the powerful Shi’ar Empire and they will protect it by whatever means necessary since the destruction of the crystal would mean destruction of all creation.

 2. The Book of Vishanti

Artefacts in Marvel Comics replace MCU’s Infinity Gauntlet

In the movies, the Book of Vishanti never exists. The closest we get to this artefact is the aptly named Book of Cagliostro, a book containing powerful but forbidden spells that a sorcerer is barred from practicing. The Book of Vishanti is a notch above the Book of Cagliostro. The Vishanti wrote the book recording the most powerful magical spells within its pages. It also contains information regarding the vast Marvel cosmology. The book is also known to be sentient sometimes, choosing what to show to the reader and is protected by a powerful defensive spell called the Seal of Vishanti. The spells in the book of Vishanti are only useful for defense and never for the offense.

 3. Iron Man’s Uru Armour

Artefacts in Marvel Comics replace MCU’s Infinity Gauntlet

Uru is an enchanted metal that is found only in the furnaces of Asgard. It has several mystical properties like magic cancellation and absorption as well as illusion breaking. The hammer of Thor – both Mjolnir and the Storm breaker, are made out of pure Uru. Remember the Destroyer armor from the first Thor movie? That was also made up of Uru and is considered Asgard’s greatest weapon. Iron Man also tried using Uru in his armor set and the result as the Uru Armour. When the Asgardian God of Fear and his Generals tried to destroy the world, Odin enchanted the armour of Uru fitted with the latest Stark Technology that was worn by Tony Stark. Even the God of Fear understood the true meaning of fear that day.

 4. Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

Artefacts in Marvel Comics replace MCU’s Infinity Gauntlet

Cyttorak is a Demon Lord and one of the first Primordial Gods of the Universe. His power can be accessed through the crimson Gem of Cyttorak, a reddish ruby cut in the shape of a diamond. Whoever touches the Cyttorak and wishes to draw its power shall become the Juggernaut, a being that once in motion, can never be stopped. Cain Marko became the Juggernaut after coming into possession of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. Throughout the years, the gem has had several other names like the Wager of Octessence. It is an artefact of immense power and needs to be brought into the MCU’s folds.

 5. Grass-Cutter

Artefacts in Marvel Comics replace MCU’s Infinity Gauntlet

The Grass-Cutter is one of two swords created by a master sword-smith and enchanted with magic. The Grass-Cutter is the sword that was created for the Japanese God of Evil and Darkness known as Amatsu Mikaboshi. During the Chaos War storyline, Amatsu intended to use the sword to kill Zeus, who was equipped with Grass-Cutter’s counterpart called the Godkiller. But unlike the God-Killer, the Grass-Cutter was said to be perfect in every sense of the word. The sword is capable of killing omnipotent beings like Ares and even Amatsu Mikaboshi itself.

 6. Ka Stone

Artefacts in Marvel Comics replace MCU’s Infinity Gauntlet

The Ka Stone is said to be the remnant of the universe that preceded this one. It is part of the trio of ancient gems that also includes the Alpha and Omega Stones. Some claim it is part of the Lifestone tree, making it as old as creation itself. The Ka Stone allows its wielder to warp reality and manipulate space and time. The Sphinx used the Ka Stone to gain several superhuman attributes like immortality, telepathy, flight, energy projection, controlling his molecular density as well as size manipulation. The stone can also be used to control several aspects of other alternate realities. It also allowed the Sphinx to survive unaided in space, without food, water, and air.

 7. Siege Perilous

Artefacts in Marvel Comics replace MCU’s Infinity Gauntlet

Forget the Space Stone. The Siege Perilous is the true anywhere door!! Nobody knows the exact age of this artefact. Chris Claremont, who is credited with its creation, is himself not sure of its age. The Siege Perilous’ abilities though, make it an object of biblical proportions. It opens up a portal to another dimension, where the entrees are judged extensively. But with a few modifications, the Siege Perilous can be used to access time travel as well as any other reality imaginable. The Green Goblin once used it to gather DNA samples of Spiderman from different universes.

 8. Neptune’s Trident

Artefacts in Marvel Comics replace MCU’s Infinity Gauntlet

The Trident of Neptune is made out of pure adamantine, a metal that is Mount Olympus’ equivalent to Asgard’s Uru. The Trident was created by the first Cyclops for the Greek God of the Sea – Poseidon, who then imbued the weapon with his energy. The Trident is in possession of Namor now. As Poseidon’s Champion and wielder of the Trident, Namor has the power to control the seas and create thunderstorms, fogs, earthquakes, and a lot of other weather-related phenomena. The weapon gives Namor the power to converse with creatures of the sea. It’s most important function is its ability to transform any living being into another life form and the ability to grant superhuman physical attributes to whomever Namor wishes.

 9. Black Vortex

Artefacts in Marvel Comics replace MCU’s Infinity Gauntlet

The Celestial Godhead, one of the most Powerful Celestials ever, created the Black Vortex and left it in the care of Gara and the Viscardi, a super-intelligent tribe. The Black Vortex has a very unpredictable but powerful ability. The Black Vortex is basically a mirror that can show anyone their greatest cosmic potential. And the best part is – one can even gain those powers if they submit to the black Bortex. A year later, none of the Viscardi but Gara had survived, the Black Vortex’s power proved to be so corruptive that everyone died due to infighting.

 10. Evil Eye of Avalon

Artefacts in Marvel Comics replace MCU’s Infinity Gauntlet

The Evil Eye of Avalon was created by the renowned alchemists of the land of Avalon, who used a newly discovered nigh-indestructible metal to create a magical weapon that can rewrite the foundations of the universe. The Evil Eye can not only grant its wielder time-traveling abilities and molecular regeneration and manipulation but also release concussive blasts of powerful energy and create forcefields that make even the most powerful attacks useless. The Evil Eye of Avalon has the power to destroy an entire planet. A safety mechanism built into the weapon allows it to explode into six unique pieces that can shred anything, be it a person, a building or an entire star, into pieces.

 11. The Blood Gem

Artefacts in Marvel Comics replace MCU’s Infinity Gauntlet

The Blood Gem is actually a fragment from an ancient meteor that fell on Earth several centuries ago. Ulysses Bloodstone, a primitive tribesman living in the 8250 BC in North Vanaheim then, comes in possession of this meteorite fragment. After the supervillain known as Ex-Mind sends his agent to get back his greatest treasure, Ulysses ends up having the fragment embedded in his chest. He gains access to superhuman attributes of strength, speed, durability, stamina, endurance, and immortality. It is one of the most underrated and most powerful mystical artifacts to ever exist in the Marvel Universe.

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