10 Incredible Facts About Spider-Man 2099 You Have to Know if You Are a Spider-Man Fan

Facts About Spider-Man 2099:

Spider-Man –One of the most popular superheroes to ever exist in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. A product of Stan Lee, the friendly neighborhood superhero has come a long way since he first debuted decades ago. While Marvel and Sony may be in a tussle as to who will get the movie rights to Spider-Man, the comic books have already gone above and beyond. In the 2099 timeline – an alternate reality future where mega-corporations have taken over and the world government has collapsed, the only sliver of hope is Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man of 2099. He has an origin story very different from that of Peter Parker. And his battles are pretty much nothing like the Original Spider-Man could ever hope to fight. Let’s talk about Spider-Man 2099 for today.

 1. He has a very flexible moral code

Facts About Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099 did not have the same love and affection Peter Parker grew up in, Without an Uncle Ben or an Aunt May like figure to guide him during his childhood days, Miguel O’Hara learned everything on his own. And one of the things he learned early on was that the world does not entertain compassion. Peter Parker values life and likes doing the job done in an ethical manner. Miguel has no such inhibitions. If a supervillain is too much a pain in the butt for him, Miguel will do the unthinkable. He is ready to kill, maim or inflict massive amounts of pain which are akin to torture, on his opponents. Now that is taking the meaning of “With great Power comes Great Responsibility” in a completely different light.

 2. Not a radioactive spider but his DNA is the reason for his powers

Peter Parker got his powers when he was bitten by a radioactive spider that induced massive genetic mutations in his body. Miguel O’Hara was never bitten by a spider loaded with lethal amounts of radiation exposure. It was his own experiment that gave him spider powers. His DNA allowed a rogue accident in an experiment to absorb certain genetically induced mutations that the experiment forced his body into. His body’s genetic code itself changed. There was no external factor involved in this unlike Peter Parker’s. This also gives Miguel a better grasp of his spider powers and gives him a string of abilities exclusive to him.

 3. He is a genius just like Peter Parker

Facts About Spider-Man 2099

In the 2099 timeline, the greatest educational institute to study was the Alchemax School for Gifted Youngsters situated in Westchester. It was a premier institute that only allowed the most gifted students to take admission in its campus. Miguel got in as [art of a scholarship event and he proved his mettle in the school. Born into an era that signaled the end of the legendary Age of Heroes, Miguel was one of the final superheroes to ever exist in the alternate universe timeline. In Alchemax, Miguel meets Xina Kwan – a girl who is as equally talented as him in terms of intellect and both hit it off sooner than later. But they end up hating each other after Miguel sleeps with his brother’s girlfriend.

 4. He is no match for Venom

Spider-Man 2099

If a comic book is introducing a different version of a superhero in the future, it only makes sense if his enemy also debuts in the same timeline under a different avatar. But Spider-Man 2099 took a different route. In a comic book arc, Spider-Man 2099 ends up traveling to the past where he meets Eddie Brock aka the Venom. Despite several abilities that not even Peter Parker possesses as Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099 is not able to defeat Venom. Eddie easily matches his strength and beats him to an inch of his life. So it does not matter if his powers are better than Peter Parker’s. Peter Parker has managed to defeat Venom so many times while Spider-Man 2099 could not even do it once. So much for power enhancements!

 5. His Spider-Sense is unlike anything we have ever seen

Facts About Spider-Man 2099

Peter Parker’s Spider-Sense is a psychic tool that allows Spider-Man to see and/or predict future events. It could even warn him about future threats right before they happened. But Spider-Man 2099’s Spider-Sense is on a whole new level. As the Spider-Man of the future, his Spider-Sense has also evolved with time. It allows him to pinpoint the root cause of any problem, something Spider-Man’s precognitive abilities lack. But it also gives Miguel O’Hara one other extremely useful ability – telepathy. Due to the genetic imprint left within the very DNA Structure of Miguel, Spider-Man 2099 can use his superior Spider-Sense to communicate with others even without opening his mouth.

 6. He tried to create Super Soldiers

Miguel was such a talented individual that Alchemax hired him as the Head of their Genetics department. Alchemax was working on a project to re-create the Super Soldier Experiment using gene therapy. Miguel was made the lead scientist of that Project. He was inspired by the adventures of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man of the 21st Century and he intended to create Spider themed Super Soldiers like him. But Alchemax intended to use these Super Soldiers as Corporate enforcers. One of the test subjects soon died and Miguel felt guilty for his death. He would then be tricked into addiction after he tried to quit and then experiment upon himself to get rid of the addiction, eventually becoming Spider-Man.

 7. Took over the very corporation he fought against

Spider-Man 2099 believed that Alchemax was the reason for all of the world’s woes. When he discovered that Tyler Stone, the guy that tricked him into a deadly addiction he could never get rid of, was also his father, he decided to take a sabbatical and roam the country. When he returned after a long hiatus, Doom had become president and Tyler Stone was one of his personal advisors. Stone offered the seat of the Alchemax Corporation to Miguel and he accepted. His objective was to change the company’s unethical practices from the inside.

 8. He is not a good person

Man 2099

For a superhero, that is a very unlikely thing to say. As a man who tries to protect innocent lives from succumbing to the crossfire, Miguel does a pretty good job. But where he seriously sucks at is relationships. Spider-Man 2099 has zero emotional intelligence. He never gives a damn about the feelings of his near and dear ones. When he was in school, he met Xina Kwan. Both soon became a couple and after becoming adults, ended up in a rather serious relationship. But Miguel would later cheat on Kwan with Dana D’Angelo, who also happened to be the love interest of his brother. Dana and Miguel got engaged and later married, only to break off their marriage later. But the result of all that fiasco was several people got unnecessarily hurt in the process.

 9. He is worthy of Mjolnir

Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099 found Captain America frozen within an ice slab. He thaws him up and both try to mend the broken and dire straits of a timeline that was the 2099 timeline. Captain America has proved himself worthy of Mjolnir – the hammer of Thor, in the comic books as well as the movies. When Captain America is forced into outer space, he manages to throw away Mjolnir and guess how catches it – Miguel O’Hara. He is worthy of the power of Thor. Using his newfound God Like abilities, Miguel ushers in an era of peace and prosperity for over a thousand years. He was worthy of Thor’s powers and he proved his worth in salt by giving the 2099 timeline the harmony it deserved.

 10. Stops the Age of Heroes from ending


Fujikawa Industries in the present timeline and Alchemax Corporation in the 2099 timeline were doing research on temporal energy manipulation. In one such experiment, a temporal anomaly led to the Spider-Man of the present timeline –Peter Parker, and Spider-Man 2099 –Miguel O’Hara switching bodies. Both join hands to fight the two corporations that created the anomaly (which was the reason for the end of the Heroic Age) as well as the Hob-Goblin of 2211 and her father, Spider-Man. Yeah, it gets really weird. The name of the Comic book series is Spider-Man 2099 meets Spider-Man. It was released in 1995.

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