10 Things We Want From Each Harry Potter Movie

With the passing growth and time, it has become evident that we find ourselves getting more and more involved and sucked into the world that might not have any claim at but is still ours in every possible way. One such world is that of Harry Potter. It’s been nearly 20 years since the Harry Potter movie first premiered and it has managed to make us excited every time we watch it and make us believe that our dream world could exist.

No matter how old we get, the fact that we still hold the desire to watch, read, and experience them over and over again makes it one of the greatest series of all time. One desire that we all hold is to get our hands onto the magical artifacts and instruments that have been introduced to us in this magical world. With its lively concept and visualization, we all have had the longing to have those magical things ourselves. These are incredibly useful objects that hold the power to improve our lives beyond our imagination.

So here is the list of all the things that we wish to have in real life from each movie.

 1. Mirror of Erised- Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s stone

Harry Potter Movie
Harry Potter Movie

The mirror that shows a heart’s deepest and sometimes even darkest desire is what one may long for in a Harry Potter movie. Even though it’s not good to dwell upon dreams and forget to live, one has to admit that the mirror does hold some fascinating qualities which one can only imagine to experience in the real world. As for me, I think the mirror even though doesn’t hold any intelligence, still does provide a shred of knowledge and awakening to a person about their true wishes and desire, thus making it to the list.

 2. Invisibility cloak- Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s stone

A cloak made of fluid-like silky, silvery material that holds the ability to make a person invisible is something we all have desired as kids. The ability to turn invisible and do as one wishes (which turned out to be one of the Hallows later on) proved to be quite fruitful to Harry and his friends throughout the series. Having such an interesting ally to rely upon, is something so dreamlike that we can only imagine the fun and pleasure it holds with it.

 3. Flying car- Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

Admit it you all had a fantasy to get a flying car of your own, whether watching it in series or thinking about it while stuck in traffic. Although the part that makes it invisible does make it a bit more interesting and adventurous. Apart from the fact that it landed Harry and Ron into great trouble in the movie in real life, we can be sure of the fact that it holds numerous advantages, especially if you are a resident of India you are wishing for it deep down right now!

 4. Marauder’s Map- Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

A magical parchment showing Hogwarts castle and grounds in its entirety, including seven secret passageways into the castle has caught our attention quite well. In all honesty, if we had access to such a wonderful parchment we would have claimed to be the rightful successors of the marauders all by ourselves. Although the best thing about the map is that it shows who is where and where they are leading too, thus giving us a heads-up and a fair amount of time to avoid any trouble. It’s kind of stalking of the magical, fantasized world, but only much cooler and less creepy!

 5. Time Turner- Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter Movie
Harry Potter Movie

Only Hermione Granger can use the time turner to attend more classes in a year. The device that holds the power to turn back time holds a lot of advantages, but mending with time has its consequences as well. We all have had moments in life when we wished that we could go back in time and do things differently or just relive a happy memory, just to feel all the powerful, happy emotions like watching Draco Malfoy getting punched or saving Sirius Black and a hippogriff. Thus it will hold a special place in our hearts forever.

 6. Port key- Harry Potter and The Goblet of the Fire

Those who hate traveling and long road trips have nothing to wish for except for a port key that lands a person to their desired destination in no time. Sometimes in the form of a manky old boot or sometimes as a cup, it has never missed to amaze Harry and us by both its usefulness. The thing proved to be highly useful at the time of need and also extremely time-saving thus lightening up the faces of those who are not punctual at all.

 7. Room of requirement- Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

A magical room whose existence is a secret and whose true interior is unknown as it turns to what one wants it to turn into makes things far more interesting and worth exploring. Sometimes a secret headquarters, a hiding place, the room helped Harry to achieve his goals in many ways. The room works as an aid to those who are in dire need by only revealing itself to them as a well equipped last resort. Well, it can only be one’s greatest luck to have a place where everything is hidden, a place which if you had to ask you will never know, and if you know, you need only ask!

 8. Pensieve- Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter Movie
Harry Potter Movie

Pensieve holds the power to relive the memories of a person in the most peculiar way. A shallow stone or metal basin, into which runes and strange symbols are imbedded and precious stones are fitted holds a great deal of importance in the series and our hearts as well. Being able to be a bystander in one’s old memories and experiencing their past first hand, not just by words but with the person itself can come into a great deal of use in this world as well. Pouring our mind in the basin and walking down the memory lane can act as a great stress buster and an escape window from today’s fast pace life.

 9. Vanishing cabinet- Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

Well, the only thing I can say about it is that it’s one of the best things that was used for all the wrong reasons. A pair of magical cabinets that can teleport you between two places is something that we all saw as kids in magic shows but experiencing them first hand without any tricks or foul play has added some charm to it. Although proving to be extremely useful for death eaters, the cabinet might add some amount of comfort in this world too especially for those who hate office distance. Just think about it stepping into one cabinet and out of the other might do you some good on daily basis.

 10. Elder wand– Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter Movie
Harry Potter Movie

We all know that the list cannot be completed without adding one of these magical wands. The elderly wand, powerful than any other wand in this world, does hold a lot of fascination and craving, but those who are driven by power can always make us rethink our intentions and actions. Imagine being the master of the elder wand or the wand of destiny itself, that do all your chores and function as you fancy. The greatest quality of the wand is that it knows its true master and follows its command, without letting them down for once. So we can only visualize a magical ally, which is strong, loyal, and well extremely dreamy for us Potterheads!

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