Spider-Man 3 Will Feature the Most Number of Spider-Man Villains Ever

Spider-Man 3 Feature Spider-Man Villains:

Spider-Man 3 will begin production in a few months. We’re pretty excited as it has the potential to become the biggest Spider-Man movie ever. Spider-Man: Far From Home could certainly be beaten by the movie that falls in its aftermath. That’s because Marvel/Sony left us with a massive cliffhanger that people need to see the resolution for as soon as possible. So, it could be a situation similar to Infinity War & Endgame. Obviously Spider-Man won’t go and make a couple Billion, but people definitely want to know what happens next with Spider-Man. We’re here to say that next up, we’re gonna see a lot of new villains.

Ever since Spider-Man: Far From Home hit the theatres, a lot had happened with Spider-Man. First, Sony took him back. He was taken out of the MCU for a couple months, then through a new deal with Marvel, Spidey came swinging back. The whole Sony-Disney fight over Spider-Man seemed like nothing but a bad dream that wasn’t real. Later on, the producer of the Spider-Man franchise, Amy Pascal confirmed that things are leading to the Sinister Six. In fact she said that the Sinister Six members have already been assembled in Homecoming & Spider-Man: Far From Home. So, we believe that every villain that is to appear in the Sinister Six would assemble as a Sinister Six member by the end of Spider-Man 3.

The point we need to not here is that Spider-Man won’t take on the Sinister Six until the fourth film. But the third film could certainly bring in all the Spider-Man villains together. Adrian Toomes showed up in Morbius, so there is a chance that he could also become a member of the villains team that will take on Spider-Man. But since Morbius may be portrayed as an Anti-Hero and not a villain, he might refuse the offer that Toomes will make him. Anyway, characters from Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters might not make the jump to the MCU’s Spider-Man movies.

If Morbius & Venom could appear in the Sinister Six, then this is what the lineup could look like:

1. Vulture

2. Mysterio

3. Morbius

4. Venom

5. Kraven

6. Scorpion

Spider-Man 3 Feature Spider-Man Villains

If those two Sony characters won’t make their way to the MCU, then the Sinister Six lineup will look like this:

1. Vulture

2. Mysterio

3. Kraven

4. Scorpion

5. Chameleon

6. Prowler/Shocker

Venom & Morbius Exist in Different Universes

We believe that the latter option will turn out to be true because Marvel should also give Spider-Man a fighting chance. With Venom & Morbius on the team, he won’t be able to take on all 6 members of the Sinister Six that will come together. Anyway, Spider-Man 3 will actually feature the most number of villains.

Spider-Man 3 Feature Spider-Man Villains

Kraven & Scorpion are going to be the main villains of Spider-Man 3. We suspect that Adrian Toomes, Quentin Beck, and Dmitri will also return in the movie. Along with Toomes, we could see the Shocker & the Tinkerer make their return as well. That already brings the total to 7. We’re still doubtful whether Prowler will appear in this film. But even if he doesn’t, we’re still certain that another big name will make his way in Spider-Man 3. That big name will be the one to assemble the Sinister Six, and it is none other than Norman Osborn. The villain count comes to 8 with this. Never has a Spider-Man movie featured 8 villains at once.

Spider-Man 3 Feature Spider-Man Villains

These 8 villains will then reprise their roles in Spider-Man 4. Norman Osborn will not get into the fight yet, but he will be the one to provide the team of 6 with the tech and the resources they require. Team Mysterio & the Tinkerer could work together under Osborn, and the likes of Vulture, Mysterio, Kraven, Scorpion, Chameleon & Shocker will possibly fight Spider-Man to have their revenge.

Spider-Man 3 arrives on July 16, 2021. Let’s see if this theory of ours comes true.

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