10 Witches And Wizards Who Can do Impressive Wandless Magic

Witches Wizards Can do Wandless Magic:

When it comes to magic there are different levels of expertise and one such level is that of wandless magic. It shows that the wizard or witch has good control of their magical abilities and can control it even without the medium of a wand. Many wizards can do wandless magic and according to Rowling, it is a sophisticated skill requiring more talent than magic performed using a wand. These are some of the wizards who can do wandless magic in the wizarding world.

 10. Professor Quirrell

Witches Wizards Can do Wandless Magic

In the very first movie, we meet the stuttering and sneaky professor Quirinus Quirrell. He is at first portrayed as a harmless creature however we find out at the end that he was scheming to get Harry to Voldemort. In the last chamber through the trapdoor, we see Quirrell waiting for Harry and he performs some wandless magic in that whole sequence by lighting the place on fire and even flying towards Harry. He also tried to jinx Harry’s broom at the quidditch match but was stopped by Snape.

 9. Hermione Granger

Witches Wizards Can do Wandless Magic

Well, Hermione is not exactly an expert at wandless magic but she has much more control of her abilities than her peers. An example of this can easily be seen in the Half-Blood Prince when she is sitting in the stands watching the Quidditch tryouts. She uses the confound us charm on Cormac Mclaggen without a wand and it is very effective as Cormac does miss a goal. This proves that Hermione is quite comfortable with wandless magic and would surely become an expert in it as an adult.

 8. Harry Potter

Harry has also shown in different instances that his magical abilities are not limited to a wand as even before he knew he was a wizard, he was doing magic unknowingly. There are many examples of this especially when Harry is around the Dursleys because that is when his emotions and temper lose control at times. He made the glass disappear in the zoo and Dudley fell inside the snake’s cage and who can forget when Harry blew up Aunt Marge! That has to be one of the most memorable scenes of the series.

 7. Lily Evans

Witches Wizards Can do Wandless Magic

Harry’s mother could also do some beautiful wandless magic and there are some examples in the books as well as movies. In Deathly Hallows part 2, Lily can be seen manipulating a flower during the Prince’s tale and she was just a child then. In Half-blood prince, professor Slughorn describes a particular piece of magic that was wondrous to behold and was done by Lily. She transformed a leaf into a goldfish that stayed with the old potions master for years.

 6. Gellert Grindelwald

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

The biggest nemesis to Albus Dumbledore was Gellert Grindelwald and of course, just like his rival, he too could perform impressive wandless magic which can be shortly seen in the Fantastic Beasts movies. Grindelwald was also adept at many dark arts like Voldemort and could cause explosions and destruction even without a wand. The blood pact that he and Dumbledore make is also a great example of wandless magic.

 5. Minerva McGonagall

One of the most skilled witches of all time is the legendary Minerva McGonagall, headmistress of Hogwarts school. McGonagall is good at wandless magic too and is also an animagus which means she can turn into an animal (in her case a cat) at will. However, she uses wandless magic comparatively lesser because transfiguration spells are almost impossible to perform without a wand because of how intricate they can be.

 4. Severus Snape

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

The Half-blood prince himself is good at wandless magic too. Severus Snape is a great Occlumens which means he can shield his mind and its contents to others who might try to invade it through Legilimency which is the skill of reading minds. Snape also excelled at potion-making which as a field of magic in itself is a good example of wandless magic. Snape also performed a counter jinx at Harry’s first quidditch match to stop Quirrell from jinxing Harry.

 3. Queenie Goldstein

Another witch who could do impressive wandless magic is Queenie Goldstein who was an exceptional regimen. Legilimency is a type of magic that can be done with the help of a wand but some are so good at it that they don’t even require a wand to perform it. She is so good at reading minds that it has become a part of her personality and she cannot even help it most of the time.

 2. Lord Voldemort

Witches Wizards Can do Wandless Magic

Voldemort can do pretty good wandless magic and has trained himself in too many dark arts as well and can even fly without a broom which has to be one of the coolest things ever. He moves things without touching them all the time and can possess people with his mind too. Voldemort may have been crazy about the elder wand but he definitely had a lot of magic inside him and could even cause a lot of disruption without a wand if he wanted.

 1. Albus Dumbledore

There is no doubt that Dumbledore excels at wandless magic and almost any other kind of magic. There is a reason that he is the greatest wizard of all time and the only one Voldemort ever feared. There are too many examples of him using wandless magic, be it lighting candles with his hands, saving Harry from a 100 ft fall, or escaping ministry officials. An expert like Dumbledore would probably use his wand only for more impressive and powerful spells and situations such as creating a ring of fire to fight the inferno.

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