Did Harry Potter’s Fate Change After Lord Voldemort Died?

Harry Potter’s Fate After Lord Voldemort Died:

Harry Potter’s battle for life began from the moment he was born. The dark wizard, Lord Voldemort not only left a mark on his forehead but also on half of his life. Harry lost his parents to Voldemort and ended up spending the first 11 years of his life with his mean uncle and aunt, the Dursleys. Harry found his family in his friends at Hogwarts. While his parents’ love protected him, the love of his friends and professors gave him another life.

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However, it’s safe to say that the extra-ordinary child had an extraordinary childhood. Not many children have a sinister villain as their arch-rival. Right from the day, he stepped into Hogwarts, he fell victim at the hands of the Dark Lord’s evil plans. After years of hide and seek, and battles, Harry Potter finally achieved victory over Lord Voldemort. He killed the one-who-at-a-time-wasn’t-named by destroying all the Horcruxes with the help of his friends and the professors. The battle of Hogwarts was one of the biggest battles in the wizarding world. Formidable defensive barriers and spells of Hogwarts were witnessed. We also lost some of the greatest wizards at the battle. But their brave sacrifice was paid off as Lord Voldemort was at last defeated.

Harry Potter’s Fate After Lord Voldemort Died

Not only Harry’s biggest foe was finally gone but the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand, also belonged to him after the battle which he however destroyed. Now that Harry got a chance to live the life that he deserved, find out what happened to him after the Battle of Hogwarts.

 1. Career

Harry’s experience with the Dark Wizards taught him more than what his education could impart in him. Harry did not go back to Hogwarts to complete his education, nor did he get his N.E.W.T.s. A wizard-like him and the others who were on the right side were needed at the Ministry of Magic to fight the corrupt wizards. He was appointed as an Auror whose responsibility was to ensure the execution of laws in the wizarding world. He went on an extensive search for the Death Eaters like Lucious Malfoy who was on Voldemort’s side but disappeared after the battle.

 2. Personal Life

Needless to say that Harry pursued his love and married Ginny Weasley. Thus, from being best friends, Ron and Harry became a family as brothers in law. The couple eventually gave birth to 2 sons and a daughter. He named his sons James and Albus, after his father and Professor Dumbledore, respectively. His daughter was called Lily Luna, names that he dedicated to his mother and his dear friend, Luna Lovegood. Some believed that since Luna meant moon, she was named after Remus Lupin but J.K. Rowling dismissed this theory.

 3. Chocolate Frog Card

Harry Potter’s Fate After Lord Voldemort Died

Only some of the greatest wizards would appear on the chocolate frog card. Harry got his first frog card in The Philosopher’s Stone when he was 8 years old, and learned about Dumbledore and his achievements from it. Later, as he, Ron, and Hermione grew up, the famous trip also managed their way into the chocolate frog card for their given fame. “The boy who lived” managed to retain his popularity as he was also invited to the 427th Quidditch World Cup as a special guest.

 4. Godparents

Harry’s parents, Lily and James Potter made their best friend, Sirius Black his godfather. Similarly, Harry trusted his best friends Ron and Hermione to become godparents of his children. They were any way uncle and aunt to Harry’s kids. But, even Harry was a godfather to a kid whose parents were wonderful wizards, Edward Teddy Lupin. After Teddy’s birth, Remus Lupin made Harry his son’s godfather. After he and Nymphadora Tonks died at the battle, Harry took Teddy under his wing. He was also in touch with his so-called family, Dudley Dursley. But their only source of contact was through holiday cards.

 5. Albus Severus Potter

Harry Potter’s Fate After Lord Voldemort Died

Harry’s son, Albus Severus was named after two of the greatest professors of Hogwarts who played a big role in Harry’s life. Just like his father, Albus was apprehensive to be in the Slytherin house at Hogwarts. But this time, the sorting hat put him in the house that he feared the most. Albus and Draco’s son, Scorpius Malfoy, were sorted into the Slytherin house and befriend each other. But history repeated himself when the young boys roped themselves into trouble by discovering the Time-Turner. They used it to find Scorpius’ real father but ended up creating multiple timelines and got stuck in 1981. Unlike his past, Harry had to get involved in time-travel again but with greater risks this time. Burying their issues in the past, Harry and Draco join forces to save their sons by using a more advanced Time-Turner.

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