Harry Potter Actors Who Took Props From The Movie Set

Harry Potter Actors Who Took Props:

No matter which wizard you were, taking props from the world-renowned set wasn’t an easy task. The set of Harry Potter and the props at the WB studios come under one of the biggest tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. Fans travel from all over the world to get a live glimpse of their childhood fantasy. But these stars took props from the sets where they had spent half their lives to relive their memories. Maybe a small addition But these stars took props from the sets where they had spent half their lives to relive their memories. Would you take a branded Harry Potter item if you had a chance?

 1. Emma Watson

Emma was the perfect embodiment of Hermione and deserved whatever she laid her hands on. Her performance as Hermione felt natural as the character reflected on her eyes. She carried some essence of Hermione for emotional sentiments attached to it. She took her cloak, wand, and the time-turner for Prisoner of Azkaban.

 2. Alan Rickman

Harry Potter Actors Took Props

The irreplaceable Alan Rickman who played the real hero of the series, Professor Snape was one of the most significant characters of the storyline. The late actor kept Snape’s wand, Gringotts coins, and, as per some belief, his gown.

 3. Evanna Lynch

We loved Luna for her eccentric outlook and genuine heart. Just like her on-screen character, Evanna Lynch made an odd but unique choice of souvenir. She took Fawkes feathers and made earrings out of them for the premiere.

 4. Jason Isaacs

Jason excellently played the cold and pure-blood Lucious Malfoy, one of the wickedest wizards and the death-eaters. The actors were allowed by the director to take a copy of The Daily Prophet newspaper. But as he was leaving the set, the director denied his grant and took back the copy.

 5. Rupert Grint

It sinks your heart to bid goodbye to the set where you grew up. It’s easy to get attached to the characters that you played for over a decade. So, the actors take home some items from the set as a memory. However, it was difficult to take props with huge significance for the production. Rupert, known Ron Weasley, nabbed Dumbledore’s Deluminator as it was given to Ron only by the end of the story.

 6. Daniel Radcliffe

And here we come to the start of the story. The boy who lived, and became a part of our childhood with his magical adventures. Every Potter’s head knows that Harry Potter is incomplete without his iconic glasses and his thunder-like scar. Growing up playing the character and living on the sets of Hogwarts makes Daniel partially Harry Potter. After bringing life to the character, Daniel was allowed to keep the glasses from the first and the last movies.

 7. Matthew Lewis

Harry Potter Actors Took Props

Neville Longbottom’s identity laid on his accidents and his set of teeth. Matthew, who did justice to the brave character, took home a rather quirky souvenir from the set of magic, the same set of teeth. It’s a great way to remember the character that he played since childhood.

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