10 Best Hollywood Male Movie Characters of All Time

Hollywood Male Movie Characters:

Every Hollywood fanatic has one or two favorite characters that they relate to or look up to.  Out of an ocean full of Hollywood movies, some iconic characters are known by everyone and will continue with their popularity across the world for more decades to come. New movies and characters may come and go, but these heroes will remain forever. We have mentioned the Top 10 movie characters of all time that are loved by the majority. Let us know if there is someone we missed out.

 1. Sherlock Holmes

Rude and Insulting characters

Sherlock’s eccentric character and genius mind not only leave us stupefied but also makes us laugh. Watching his anti-social charm is bang on entertaining. But the way he cracks mysteries and foresees the impossible surprises us. He has taught us the concept of mind palace and blocking useless information to store significant matters. He can tell a lot about a person right on the first meet with the art of observation, and his deductions are never wrong.

 2. John Wick – John Wick Franchise

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John Wick is the most feared hitman who walks with dignity. He is a man of his words and deeply rooted to his principles. But if you cross him and fall into his bad books, he will hunt you down till the end of the world. A man who can single-handedly kill a gang of assassins with merely a pencil and not shed a drop of sweat is bound to be feared and respected.

 3. Iron Man – MCU

The world hasn’t seen such an insane and passionate admiration for a character. Without any hard efforts of massive action or style, Tony Stark aka Iron Man has won hearts by being himself. Fans relate to him and see right through his sarcasm and wit which hide his deeper feelings. Despite being a narcissistic character, he became a legend. When he sacrificed his life in Avengers: Endgame, everyone from young and old, to men and women was in tears.

 4. Ethan Hunt – Mission: Impossible Franchise

The most popular movie character is the action star from Mission: Impossible. His fandom ranges from young to old. He is invincible and can get out of any situation. Experience, fitness, calculative mind and bravery allow the top-secret agent to take up the most impossible and dangerous task. If you had to name one character that always puts you on the edge of the seats, it would be Ethan. For over 20 years, he has retained his top spot and has gained more fans over the years.

 5. James Bond

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An unconventional  Secret Intelligence agent whose swag is enough to woo the audience. The super classy agent is not just intelligent but is also gifted with wisdom which allows him to have a heart and execute his plans sensibly.

 6. Thor – MCU

Chris Hemsworth Hulk Hogan

God of Thunder with unfathomable strength and endurance is bound to be on this list. He is a fan-favorite character and his figurine can be found in most of the kids’ rooms. This popular MCU character is defined by valiance and is worthy of the Mjolnir.

 7. Batman – Batman Begins Franchise

Christian Bale Refused Nolan For Batman Movie

A flawed superhero that is highly relatable to fans! Unlike Superman who was born with powers, Batman worked hard to make himself what he is today. He had a dark past but then he rose from those wounds and ashes to become one of the most formidable heroes. He watched everyone from the shadows. Despite being a common human, there is nothing impossible for him as he can even make Superman bleed.

 8. Harry Potter

Harry Potter JK Rowling

A character we have read, re-read, watched and re-watched over and over again. No matter how old we are, we’ll always enjoy watching Harry Potter. He is by far at the highest position when it comes to popularity. His fandom drives tourists from all over the world to visit the WB studios in the UK.

 9. Captain America – MCU

Captain America is the nicest Avenger on the team who runs on high morals and principles. The soldier sacrificed his happiness and the chance to be with his love for his duty up until Endgame. After Thor, Captain is the worthy Avenger who can wield the Mjolnir. No good adjectives are enough to describe him. Though the super-soldier serum made invincible it was his courage and love for the nation that made him a superhero.

 10. Professor Snape – Harry Potter Franchise

Harry Potter Characters with Their Own Movie

The second most talked about character in the Harry Potter Franchise is Professor Snape. Though he came across as an anti-hero at first eventually we learned that he was the real hero. Even though Lily broke his heart for James who bullied him at school, it didn’t stop him from caring about Harry as he saw Lily in his eyes. Some of his quotes still resonate in our ears.

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