Top 10 Most Annoying Movie Characters of All Time

All of us have encountered several characters who are so annoying and obnoxious that it made our blood boil. We cannot understand the rationale behind these characters as no one in their right minds would do this. These characters are insufferable and we do not know whether to blame the actors, writers or at this point, ourselves. With these annoying movie characters, the movie gets various outlook.

#10: Roman Pearce

Movie Name: Fast and Furious Franchise

Played By: Tyrese Gibson

Roman Pierce was a very good character in 2 Fast 2 Furious and we cannot figure out why did they ruin him in the later movies. They made him the comic relief and the butt of the jokes in all the movies. He whines and complains all the time and we don’t even know why he’s so arrogant.

#9: Eddie Brock

Annoying Movie Characters

Movie Name: Spider-Man 3

Played By: Topher Grace

All of us are fans of Topher Grace since That 70s Show and we were super excited to know that he was playing Eddie Brock in Spider-Man 3. His portrayal of Eddie Brock was terrible and we could not bear his cocky attitude. The makers really messed up this character.

#8: Justin Hammer

Movie Name: Iron Man 2

Played By: Sam Rockwell

Don’t get us wrong, Justin Hammer is a good Marvel villain but his personality and his never-ending jealousy made him very annoying. Whenever he was on-screen, we wanted Tony to kick his ass. He saw Tony as his rival and he was willing to hurt anyone to beat him.

#7: Anakin Skywalker

Annoying Movie Characters

Movie Name: Star Wars Franchise

Played By: Hayden Christensen

Anakin Skywalker’s fall from grace was supposed to be epic but instead, we got a self-centered and selfish character, who only cared about power. We blame the bad writing more than Hayden Christensen, as they made him intolerable.

#6: Draco Malfoy

Movie Name: Harry Potter Franchise

Played By: Tom Felton

Draco Malfoy was a bully and he believed that everyone else was beneath him. He had illusions of grandeur about himself but in reality, he was a coward who rode on his father’s back. His infatuation to belittle Harry Potter was annoying and that Blonde hair did not help his cause either.

#5: Derek Zoolander

Annoying Movie Characters

Movie Name: Zoolander

Played By: Ben Stiller

The reason why we all love Zoolander so much is because of Derek Zoolander’s annoying personality. Ben Stiller’s portrayal of the idiotic and obnoxious character was on point and he gave us a lot of laughs. The character was supposed to be annoying and they nailed it.

#4: Mutt Williams

Movie Name: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Played By: Shia LaBeouf

We all love the character of Indiana Jones very much and he must have a cool sidekick, right? Well, we all wanted that but instead, we got the cocky wise-cracker Mutt Williams. He was not a good fit for the franchise and he did not have the right appeal.

#3: Ruby Rhod

Annoying Movie Characters

Movie Name: The Fifth Element

Played By: Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker’s Rudy Rhod was an over the top and flamboyant DJ that got on everyone’s nerves as soon as he came on screen. Rudy Rhod was supposed to be obnoxious but Chris Tucker overdid it and made the character unbearable.

#2: Bella Swan

Movie Name: The Twilight Franchise

Played By: Kristen Stewart

Bella Swan was constantly moping and brooding in all the Twilight movies and it became unbearable after one point. We never saw Bella smile even once. She tried to adopt a goth girl persona but failed miserably. Kristen Stewart became very famous thanks to this role, but as the girl who shows no emotions.

#1: Jar Jar Binks

Annoying Movie Characters

Movie Name: Star Wars Franchise

Played By: Ahmed Best

Jar Jar Binks almost destroyed the Star Wars prequels single-handedly and to this day we cannot understand why this character was created. At first, it seemed like a joke but our nightmare became true very fast. Jar Jar Binks has tarnished the image of our beloved franchise forever and we will never forgive him for that.

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