These DC Superhero Fights Are A Treat To The Eyes

Superhero films are great to watch on big screen because of the beautifully posturized action moments of theirs. Here are some of the best fights of the DC cinematic universe on the big screen:

Batman VS Superman

This fight though had mixed reactions, but was still a treat to the fans, as we could see the long awaited duo having to battle each other on the big screen. Where it was Superman, with all his strength on one side, it was Batman with all his toys on the other side. Both the heroes faced off each other in a fight unto death until.. well, Martha happened.

Superman VS General Zod

This sure was a heavy fight. Two of the last of the Kryptonians, going at each other at full strength after Superman breaks all of Zod’s dreams to restore Krypton on Earth, this sure was a fight unto the last breath. Breaking buildings, destroying Metropolis with heavy punches, this fight came to a surprising end when Superman breaks Zod’s neck.

Warehouse Rescue

This scene in Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice comes after the fight between the two superheroes has happened, and Bruce needs to save Martha, who Lex Luthor has held captive. The room is filled with goons having knives and big guns, but well Batman is Batman, the dark knight throws boxes and other heavy objects, making all these guys bleed a lot.

V For Vendetta

Ideas are bulletproof scene in this film is surely something else, where V has a standoff with officer Creedy and is swarmed by bullets, we all think that he’s dead, but naah he survives and after that he takes on all the force’s men in a stylish manner, cutting and slicing each one of them, that we see in slow motion.

Batman VS Bane

‘The Fire Rises’ and sure does this scene, after the surprising entry of all of Gotham’s police who’ve been freed from the sewers, and Batman’s reunion with Bane, he sure gives him a mouthful for breaking his back. Also, it is quite pleasing to witness a battle this big on scale and still so well choreographed.

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