Avengers 4 Theory: Here’s Why There’s Only One Path to Victory

Avengers 4 is coming out in 7 months but people are just not ready to wait for the film! Avengers: Infinity War set up countless possibilities to happen in the next movie, but there could only be one way in which the movie could go! Doctor Strange, saw a path which has to be followed for the Avengers to be able to win in the longer run. That meant that they had to lose the first fight. They had to go through losing half the population, so they could actually bring them back and eliminate the threat of the Mad Titan.

Avengers 4 Theory

The fact that Doctor Strange saw 14,000,605 alternate futures and the Avengers won only in one of those is just insane. So that tells you that there is literally no other way. He saw so many possibilities in so little time, and all of them resulted in just one thing, which was the fall of the entire Universe. Only one of those showed an assured win and that also happens if they break the natural laws of nature.

So, for winning, they will have to tamper with the law massively. That may give them the win against Thanos, but it will obviously open up the Universe to new threats, but since the Avengers have to take that one path, they will accept that and live to fight another day.

But one may think that why would there be just one path? What is the thought behind it? There must be a valid and totally explainable reason behind that. We just can’t take the answer – “Because the writers wrote it this way!” So, Redditor u/Literally_MeIRL has come up with a pretty elaborate theory which explains that there is only one way to beat Thanos because he was the only one who made the sacrifice needed to control/possess the Soul Stone.

The Soul Stone obviously holds a special place amongst all others, as Red Skull explained. Well, that will be explained in the next movie, but we know for a fact that it is the stone that can control and align all the other stones to their fullest potential. His theory proposes that the Avengers could take off the Gauntlet out of Thanos’ hand in infinite ways, scatter the stones to God knows where, but as long as the Soul Stone stays with Thanos, he will be the one who emerges victorious. He can’t even be killed off just like that since Soul Stone is what controls the life.

infinity war thanos beat hulk

So, his theory suggests that Thanos will lose, but the Avengers would only be able to beat him if he wants that. Here’s what he wrote:

“To be stopped, Thanos needs to relinquish the power of the Soul Stone willingly. He would need to bring Gamora back and thus negate the original sacrifice. The key to Avengers 4 will be causing Thanos to regret his actions and undo them willingly. This is where Nebula comes into play. As well as the Quantum Realm, and the B.A.R.F. (Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing) device Tony designed before the events of Civil War.”

Ant-Man and the Wasp quantum-realm

Laying down the means for the victory, the Redditor than deduces what will happen in the plot of the upcoming film:

“My rough time line as to what will happen in Avengers 4:

Scott Lang will emerge from the Quantum Realm via a Time Vortex, unfortunately he’ll do so 5 years after the snap.

He will immediacy seek out Tony Stark once he realizes the world has gone to hell and he can’t find his daughter.

Tony will have become the new head of SHIELD trying to hold the world together after the events of the snap.

Tony will also be wallowing in his improved BARF machine trying to find a scenario where they could stop Thanos. Reliving his loss over, and over again.

Seeing Scott reunite with Cassie will spark the idea of having Thanos undo things himself because of Gamora. (Remember he witnessed Thanos anguish over Gamora first hand on Titan.)

Scott’s jar of Quantum McGuffin juice will come into play, Tony will also have possibly confiscated the Quantum tunnel in the years since it was left abandoned on top of a parking garage.

They will need to contact Nebula to use her memories to construct a scenario to make Thanos feel remorse. This will not go over well with the already emotionally damaged Nebula but she will assist.

This is where the remaining and newly introduced galactic characters come into play. Which are really just Nebula, Rocket and perhaps Captain Marvel.

They don’t know where Thanos is so they travel back to the Battle of New York to track him.

They ultimately have Thanos undo what was done by using the BARF.

Nebula gains control of the weakened (no Soul Stone), but still very powerful gauntlet to get her revenge.

Insert epic battle here.

Steve and Tony must make a sacrifice to gain control of the Soul Stone and undo the new damage Nebula inflicts.

One of them falls to let the other gain control of the stone.

The other falls undoing the damage.

A new status quo is set, the heroes are restored but both Iron Man and Captain America are gone.”

This is just a great attempt, but we’ll have to see how much this matches with what the directors Joe & Anthony Russo and the writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have in store for us. Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019. 

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