Where Has Adam Warlock Been Since Guardians Vol. 2?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at an unprecedented pace. It is unheard of the things we witness the studio doing. Part of the reason for this is the fact that they have adapted to the pandemic and not shied away from it. The MCU had already unveiled their plans for Phase IV when the pandemic hit but they have adapted it to post-pandemic times by reducing the gap between OTT shows. Regardless, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will start production soon and Will Poulter has been confirmed as Adam Warlock. But where has Adam Warlock been since Guardians Vol 2?

The reason for this question is that it is said that Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 is supposed to take place in present-day MCU. So that means we will rejoin Guardians in the year 2024/2025 after the events of Endgame. This also means that the Guardians will be traveling with Thor and would be looking for Gamora. The main question that arises at this point is that The Sovereign has been waging war on the Guardians for the past decade or so. Hence, if the after-credits scene of Volume 2 is to be believed then Adam Warlock must have been on the prowl all this while.


Warlock is a powerful character and he was the one who defeated Thanos in the comic version of Infinity War. This makes him an extremely dangerous enemy, so why hasn’t he tracked down and apprehended the Guardians already? Well, we have a couple of Theories about that. Some of which make a lot of sense and some are a little far-fetched, keep reading to find out what we mean. We are going to break it down for you…


Where Has Adam Warlock Been

One thing to mention is that the majority of the Guardians of the Galaxy were snapped away after Infinity War so it may not have been possible for Adam to locate them. But there is more to this story than meets the eye. We have a couple of theories why this would not be the only reason why Adam was not able to confront the Guardians and why their final confrontation is reserved for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. Read on to see what we mean.


The leading consensus in this speculation is that Adam Warlock had been snapped along with everyone else when Thanos used the Infinity gauntlet at the end of Infinity War. This would make sense since there is no mention of this super-powered being roaming in the universe seeking justice from Thanos at the end of the Infinity Saga. It would also mean that Warlock was not there to protect The Sovereign during the time skip between Infinity War and Endgame. Moreover, there is clear reasoning behind him not being able to confront the Guardians and him picking it back up after the blip.


Adam Warlock in Guardians Vol. 3
Adam Warlock in Guardians Vol. 3

The second theory is a bit more interesting and presents the entire premise in a bit more believable sense. Since Warlock is as powerful as he is, we expect that he has already met the Guardians by the time we meet them in Infinity War. The theory states that Warlock tried hunting the Guardians but every time he reaches close the Guardians escape his clutches. This keeps happening over and over until the final confrontation with the Guardians, in which this version of Warlock loses. It is our speculation that this final confrontation has already happened and Adam will have a very different story arc than what we predict.


Rise of a New Guardian

Facts About Adam Warlock

Firstly, it is likely that the Guardians and Thor will come in contact with Adam Warlock at the start of Guardians of The Galaxy 3. This confrontation will be used to exposit the previous interactions of these characters, which will be explained away with dialogue. After this, the action set-piece should take over and we may get to see the Guardians lay waste to Adam at the onset of the movie. However, this won’t be the end of the character.


We expect that Warlock would receive a power-up from The Sovereign after this defeat and come back a different being than one we are used to seeing in the comics. What do you think about our theory and analysis of the situation? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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