10 Non-MCU Super Soldiers to Give Captain America a Run For His Money

Non-MCU Super Soldiers Captain America:

Captain America has become a God amongst men. With the super-soldier serum running in his veins, he is the super-soldier of the Marvel Comic Book and Cinematic Universe. But there have been a lot more super soldiers in the movies, and we are not talking about Marvel Cinematic Movies here. Let us expand our views a bit. Let’s talk about these lean, mean fighting machines.

 1. Agent 47

While Captain America was enhanced using Vita-Rays and the Super Soldier Serum developed by Doctor Erskine, Agent 47’s transformation into a warrior took a different approach. Agent 47 is a biological clone. He is the 47th attempt at creating the perfect assassin that can always maintain peak human physical conditions no matter what. Agent 47 is the culmination of decades of research into genetic augmentation and literally represents the next stage in human evolution. Agent 47 was originally created by an organization that used the donated DNA of multiple criminal masterminds and murderers from all over the world, pooling them together to create the perfect killing machine. Agent 47 was designed in a way so that he will always follow commands of his ‘Handler’. He has since over-ridden his genetic programming, proving to be better than what his masters expected him to be.

 2. Jason Bourne

Non-MCU Super Soldiers Captain America

Jason Bourne was once a family man. He had a wife and children. He lived a peaceful life in Cambodia and was responsible for handling American Affairs in the Far East. When an enemy plane strayed into Cambodia and killed his family, no nation owned up to their fault since Cambodia remained neutral in the Vietnam War. Infuriated, Bourne ended up being enrolled in the top-secret Medusa Program. The Medusa Program was designed to turn ordi9nary soldiers into deadly but obedient super-soldiers who will follow all commands without any question. Jason Bourne has helped the United States and the CIA in eliminating several high-level threats. Bourne then realized the malice that was prevalent within his own organization and went rogue, and with his skills and training – he was termed the “Most Dangerous Man Alive”.

 3. Hanna

Non-MCU Super Soldiers Captain America

Hanna was bio-engineered and genetically modified when she was in the womb. She was administered with an agent called UTRAX. UTRAX attaches itself with the part of our genetic structure that directs and helps build muscle mass and bone density. The process is only possible within fetal children who have a lot of stem cells. Many of the subjects die but some survive and become ultimate fighting machines. Hanna was one such survivor of the secret military super-soldier breeding program. Ever since she was a child, Hanna has had extensive training in hunting and sabotage. She is extremely proficient in multiple languages and is very good at espionage. Even though she has always lived outside social jurisdictions, Hanna can blend in very quickly and disappear without a trace in any country. She also has the fighting chops to back herself up.

 4. Tyrant

Non-MCU Super Soldiers Captain America

The Umbrella Corporation unleashed the T Virus on the world. They decided they could turn the T Virus into a weapon after they discovered the Progenitor virus. The Tyrant project was one of their first attempts at creating a successful, indestructible, and unstoppable super soldier powered by a variant of the T Virus. Only humans with a rare genetic make-up could be compatible with the procedure so not many Tyrants exist in the world of Resident Evil. But those that do become Tyrants feel no pain, do not need food and do not need sleep. They can keep going forever. Tyrants are aptly termed Bio-Organic Weapons of Mass Destruction for a reason. One Tyrant is enough to take down an entire army on his own.

 5. Grace

Non-MCU Super Soldiers Captain America

Grace Harper is a soldier who fought for humanity against the Machines led by Legion in the future Terminator timeline. When she was critically wounded in combat, Grace was turned into an augmented super-soldier. Grace’s body now comes equipped with cybernetic prosthetics that give her heightened levels of stamina, agility, reflexes, speed, and strength. She is basically a machine in the skin of a human being. But her augmentations come with limitations. Grace can only fight with the machines on par for short bursts of time. After that, she is forced to retreat because her energy reserves get depleted fast. She would then need massive intakes of sugar and prescribed medications like Insulin to recharge herself up.

 6. Alice

Non-MCU Super Soldiers

Alice is the first human being to have survived the deadly T Virus infection. Even after being infected with the lethal virus, Alice did not succumb to its effects and remained sane and un-dead. As a result, her unique genome makes her perfectly compatible with the T Virus, a super rare occurrence. Alice also gains heightened superhuman abilities. She becomes the first successful test subject for what The Umbrella Corporation had originally planned to do – create the perfect soldier that can never die and never be stopped. Alice has always been termed to be miles better than the Tyrant project.

 7. Khan

Non-MCU Super Soldiers

Khan Noonien Singh is a genetically engineered superhuman who was designed for the very purpose of ruling the human race. After a devastating war called the Eugenics War almost brought the world to a halt in the 1990s, Khan and the rest of his brethren were created to guide the human race so that they do not repeat the same mistakes again. Khan has physical and mental attributes that far exceeds even a human of peak human physical conditions. Khan, like Captain America, is a master tactician and strategist as well. Khan was based on the philosophy that ManKind was something made to be surpassed. Khan Noonien Singh represents the next stage in Humanity’s rise to the skies.

 8. GR44

GR44 is a code name for Jean Claude Van Damme’s character Luc Devereaux aka the Universal Soldier. The Universal Soldier Program was created to create soldiers out of the corpses of dead bodies by the process of reanimation. Using a special process, the subjects will be brought back to life. Universal Soldiers feel no pain or agony. They do not feel remorse or regret. All they do is follow orders. They are incredibly resilient and extremely formidable, able to complete missions no ordinary soldier ever could. GR44 was the first Uni-Sol to actually show signs of emotion and regained his basic human sense of touch, sight, smell, and hearing. GR44 has shown time and again that not even age has slowed him down. In Universal Soldier: Regeneration, he kicked some major butt without even flinching.

 9. Grey

What if our body is just a construct and the actual limitations are set by the mind and not our brawn? What if there was a way to get past that. Grey Trace is the first person to do that. He made his physical inhibitions disappear by attaching a hyper-intelligent sentient micro-processor/supercomputer to his spine and brain. STEM and Grey combine forces to show the world what it means to be a true blend between man and machine. STEM gets to feel how to be a human and in return, it grants Grey heightened levels of sensory perception and physical attributes. Grey is faster, stronger, and more agile than any human being on earth.

 10. Weapon X

Technically the X-Men movies fallout of the purview of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so if you think we are bending the rules, we are not. Wolverine was a top-secret US Military attempt at creating the perfect un-killable soldier via the Weapon X Project. The Project intended to experiment on people with activated X Genes aka Mutants. Wolverine, a mutant with a natural healing factor that far surpasses any other individual on the planet, was perfectly suited for the deadly process of Adamantium infusion. Wolverine becomes the first and only successful attempt of the program at creating an unstoppable killing machine. Wolverine does what he was intended to do – slash his way out of the facility and escapes. He later joins the X-Men.

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