The Ship Of Thanos Is Dangerous Than His Gauntlet Full Of Stones!

Thanos is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel comics, and that is without his Infinity Gauntlet. And with it, he can, single-handedly, kill half the universe with a single snap of fingers. But little did anyone know, that is not what makes him one of the scariest villains of all time. As it turns out, his desire to commit mass genocides is nothing when it comes to the acts of violence he committed on his ship.

Thanos is wildly known around the galaxy as the Mad Titan with a bloodlust. He is always looking for energy sources to commit his next genocide, and all of this is to impress his mistress, Death. And as every Marvel and MCU fan knows, his weapon of choice is the Infinity Gauntlet. He has massacred entire species and taken on Avengers using the Gauntlet. Horrifying, right? But what we told you is that this is not a tiny bit scary as compared to his actions on his ship!


We found about most of his actions from the 2019 comic book series, Thanos. The issue features Gamora narrating how Thanos found her and raised her on his ship, the Sanctuary. The events of the comic pick up when Gamora is successful in ridding the world of Thanos.



In the MCU, Thanos found Gamora on one of the planets that got half its population massacred by dear, old Thanos. However, in the comic, written by Tini Howard and illustrated by Ariel Olivetti, Gamora narrates how they met. Thanos was out in the universe, hunting his archrival, Magus, when he encounters Gamora, and takes her under his wing. Gamora was so young at the time Thanos took her to his ship that she called the Ship her home. This ship of Thanos’ was called the Sanctuary, short for Zero Sanctuary.


Ship of Thanos

The ship was a gigantic piece of technology with countless numbers of hallways, rooms and chambers. The ship was always filled with Thanos’ private army, his lieutenants and mercenaries. However, nobody, except Thanos himself, knew the entire layout of the ship. And he used this knowledge to his advantage by taking out his bloodlust on his poor soldiers. Well, they weren’t quite innocent, but let’s just say that they didn’t deserve the treatment they got from their master.


Thanos used to abduct his soldiers, whenever he desired and took them to one of his torture chambers. He even experimented on them, to an extent that killed them. Gamora also describes how every employee of the Sanctuary lived in fear because of their fellows’ constant screams. This storyline reminds us a great deal about H. H. Holmes, USA’s first serial killer. He had designed and constructed a similar structure and posed it as a hotel. In Homes’ case, he used to stalk his guests and kill them to satisfy his sadistic urges. And to find out that Thanos is a similar maniac who is willing to any extent to satisfy his bloodlust is an indication that he is a lot more than what meets the eye.



MCU’s Thanos was a just man who wanted nothing but to bring balance to the universe. In the movies too, he was willing to go to any extent to complete this mission. Even if it meant killing his daughter. But his comic counterpart is far far worse than this. Instead of just, he is just a sadistic killer who likes to torture and kill whenever he desires. And that makes him scarier than we ever thought. His Zero Sanctuary arc gives us a glimpse into the THANOS’s horrific being.


What do you think is the ship of Thanos really more dangerous than the Infinity Gauntlet? tell us your answer below in the comments.

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