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Who Took The Black Panther Mantle Back In Wakanda In What If…?

What If…? has become a powerhouse wild imagination in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each story has hinted towards the endless possibilities of this style of structuring. The unique world created by this can further be improved in and further details could be added by the multiple fan theories. There is no defined measure to which the Nexus events might affects the characters in these parallel universes. One can go absolutely rife with such theories. Since the second episode explores the larger world of Guardians of the Galaxy, one can wonder who might have donned the Black Panther suit in Wakanda as T’Challa became Star-Lord.

Events Of The Episode

The second episode explored the Nexus event of the Wakandan prince becoming Star-Lord due to his abduction by the Ravagers. The reasons for this mistake are not defined as it is explained by the others as a genuine mistake to Yondu. T’Challa gets the life of a space cowboy instead of his royal life. Around the end of the episode, he finds out the circumstances behind his family. As a result, he ends up uniting with them.

Possible Candidates

Who took the Black Panther mantle

The royal family that we get to see in the episode are quite happy at the T’Challa’s return. We get to witness some evidence of that fact that they had invested in looking for him. But the question remains on who might have ended up taking the mantle of Black Panther considering the final events take place around 2014. One of the candidates for the Black Panther could be Shuri. As Shuri was a teenager in 2017’s Black Panther, she might be too young for that responsibility.

Who took the Black Panther mantle

Another possible candidate for that position could be Erik Killmonger. He hadn’t appeared at this time in the MCU but the Nexus event could have triggered things otherwise. Since T’Challa wasn’t present in Wakanda T’Chaka could have actually adopted Killmonger. The trailers show the Killmonger would be playing Black Panther in a future episode of the show. Based on these theories Killmonger being Black Panther might actually be a possibility. Another simple possibility could be that Black Panther didn’t simply exist in the timeline in 2014. They could have actually been preparing Shuri for the mantle instead too.

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