5 Amazing Features of Iron Man Armor That Make It The Strongest Superhero Costume

Tony Stark have always come up with new inventions when subjected to nasty predicaments and superhero situations. For every step in his life, he has invented several things to fight, to defend and to save the world. Iron Man Armor is one of the biggest and strongest inventions by Tony Stark which makes him a soldier of justice and freedom. Armor’s immense capabilities make it the strongest superhero costume in comic book universe. So all the Quirkybyters, check out the five strongest capabilities of Iron Man armor.

 1. Super strength

Every Iron Man armor commonly possess super strength. Wearing this, Stark can lift up to 100 tons of weight and can enhance his strength to more levels. During a face off with She-Hulk, Iron Man knocked her down with a single punch. In general, the strength of Iron Man depends on the armor he is wearing.

2. Super Flight and Speed

Beyond the shadow a doubt, Iron Man can travel extended distances and locations. The suit gives a super thump to the wearer and naturally boosts him to high speeds up to Mach 10. He can challenge escape velocity and can travel the orbitals in space at the speed of 5 miles per hour. That’s huge man!

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