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Thanos Lost So That Kang Could Win After The Snap

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown from a single superhero. Iron Man was praised by one and all for his badass attitude and adherence to the sense of justice. His sacrifice at the end of Avengers: Endgame has brought us to a point where we can no longer begin to imagine an MCU without him. But this is a reality that must be accepted. Another major highlight of the MCU was Thanos’ arc. The Mad Titan was given one of the most compelling storylines in Superhero movie history. However, Thanos lost in the end. But there is a new theory that suggests – Thanos lost so that Kang could win.

We’ve only just met Kang at the end of Loki Disney+ series. But the fandom is already hard at work constructing theories as to the application of the inclusion of the character into the current mythos of MCU. One of the most important aspects to this is this theory by u/parkua posted on r/FanTheories. The user tries to say that Thanos lost purposefully so that Kang could win. It is a peculiar thought but one that starts to make sense when you delve into the theory proposed by the user. The basic idea revolves around the usages of the Time Stone by Thanos after Infinity War just like Dr. Strange used the time stone.

The Theory

Avengers: Endgame
Avengers: Endgame

” After the Snap, Thanos was wounded by Thor and escapes. Only after some time we know that he has snapped his fingers again in order to destroy the Gauntlet………. My guess is that Thanos obviously looked to the every possible outcome of the future; he obviously saw the one where Avengers bring the dusted population back and dust Thanos and his men away. This is how fat Doctor Strange saw. The sorcerer was only interested in winning Thanos in his critical situation. Unlike Thanos, who had time to look past these events: he saw the “Loki” series events, because he was curious with the fate of the Space Stone. By following the Trickster God he ended up shocked just like Loki did when he saw that none of the Stones matter. 

Thanos lost so that Kang could win

I believe he has also watched other possible outcomes, however, he chose to stick with the one that Doctor Strange was trying to implement. Why would he do that? Because Thanos believes that his plans are much bigger than he is. Now he realizes that there are parallel universes that he simply has no control of. He cannot “help” them too by wiping out half of the whole population. As well as his plan of killing every creature in the Universe would just be reversed and corrected by Kang’s TVA.

So ultimately everything that Thanos would do after he snapped his fingers is going to lead to him losing this War. Unless he accepts the defeat in the battle: he plays his role in Doctor Strange plan. He destroys the Gauntlet with ease, launching the events of Time Travel and Loki’s adventures. Thanos wants to release the evil versions of Kang.”

The Breakdown

Marvel Mutants MCU

The Reddit user puts forward a very compelling premise for the fandom. The time stone is a powerful tool and the Mad Titan is clearly proficient in using the stones. He uses the time stone to change the past and get the mind stone before its destruction so it follows that the Mad Titan can also go forward in time. The user proposes that Thanos chose to use the time stone after being wounded by Thor just like Droctor Strange used it to look for a way to win.

Thanos lost so that Kang could win

The interesting part, however, is that even after using the time stone Thanos decided that it would be in his favor to lose the upcoming battle with the Avengers. The theory says that Thanos did this to make sure that the Avengers would travel back in time and that things would happen exactly as Dr. Strange wanted. This would allow him to make sure that Loki was confronted by the TVA and Kang would finally be released unto the multiverse in a way that will ensure its destruction.

I know the entire idea seems a bit far-fetched but it makes more and more sense the more you think about it in all honesty. Thanos using the time stone to ensure ultimate destruction is not a concept that is alien to us, after all. What do you think about this theory? Does it seem viable or does it sound like complete conjecture? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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