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The Suicide Squad Has 2 Actors Playing Multiple Roles In The Film

The Suicide Squad has received one of the most blockbuster openings ever afforded to a DCEU movie. After the mixed response that the first installment received, people did not have a lot of hopes for the 2021 version. But the cast, crew, and filmmakers have created a masterpiece that blew us away with its ingenuity and candor. The movie is like a breath of fresh air, the comedy is on point, the action scenes are intense, and the characters are relatable rather than being your cliche villains. Part of why the movie did so well is because of the effort that went into making the characters feel real. There was so much intensity involved in the production that some actors had to do twice the work. No, seriously The Suicide Squad has 2 actors playing multiple roles in the film.

It is not strange for superhero or supernatural movies to have double roles. It is quite the staple of the fantasy genre to have token twins. An example of this is the Weasley twins from The Harry Potter franchise. But the double work I talk about here is a bit different. You see, The Suicide Squad is a movie that relies heavily on Computer Generated effects, and doubly so because some of its core cast is pure CGI. Take King Shark, for example, the creature is a bipedal, semi-humanoid who is also a criminal. As absurd as that concept is, it is also important to remember that is very hard to reproduce in a live-action film. So the double role in this movie involved some of the actors also contributing their talents for motion capture. Be wary of spoilers ahead.

Sean the Calendar Weasel

Actors Playing Multiple Roles

So everyone knows Sean Gunn, right? He’s the guy you fell in like be with as Yondu’s second in command from Guardians of the Galaxy. The man is a master of comedy and of looking scrappy. He has been a fan favorite since day one and has been memorable throughout his MCU career. Now, he has entered DCEU with The Suicide Squad and even has a dual role in the movie. Let’s start with the obvious one, fans may already know that the actor plays Calender man in the movie. Although the character is only on screen for a brief moment, Gunn’s performance fills our hearts with awe and fear, truly a magnificent moment.

Gunn’s second role is a bit more obscure, mainly because it is hidden behind layers and layers of CGI. Fans may not know this, but Gunn contributed the motion capture for the weasel. The scrappy villain in the squad is Gun wearing a Motion Capture suit. This makes a lot of sense since we were wondering throughout the movie that where do we remember this weasel from. It’s a good thing that we got to this information lest our hearts would have burst with the conundrum of the mystery.

Steve Agee

Steve Agee is a brilliant comedian and the internet rejoiced that he will be joining the DCEU in The Suicide Squad. It was originally rumored that he would be voicing King Shark in the movie. But that rumor did not last long as the voice acting was given to a separate actor, however, the interesting bit is that the motion capture of the creature has been contributed by Steve Agee himself. This is very interesting considering how averse the comedian has been of action sequences, but it seems he planted his feet and brewed brilliance with this movie. It is no surprise that the character has made so many waves in the news recently, after all, it is a shark.

Actors Playing Multiple Roles

The second character that Steve Agee played in the movie is a lot more obscure than motion capture. He was John Economos, an aide to Amanda Waller in the movie. Economic is known to comic fans as the Warden of Bell Reeve, an assistant to Amanda Waller and the coordinator of criminals. Normally, he is Waller’s first stop when it comes to recruiting fodder for her suicide missions. Agee’s role may have been minor but his performance was exquisite. He can pull off the conflicted nerd look when he wants to.

These were the actors that had a double role in The Suicide Squad according to our research. Did we miss any? Or did we get something wrong? Let us know I’m the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC & Hollywood.

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