Here’s How The Flash Has Copied Star Wars In A Most Epic Way

The Flash: In the world of science fiction, human beings are always exposed to extra-terrestrial beings or things that result in them gaining power or mutating into other life forms. Science fiction has also been home to creating new worlds that have more advanced life force than humanity has thought to be possible. Superheroes have played up to this idea since their inception. But so have movies like Star Wars and Star Trek, although both worlds remain exclusive from one another.


That being said, there is a running theme between the two worlds. At least that’s what The Flash star Ezra Miller thinks. During a recent interview with #MILLS Youtube Channel, Miller gave the astute comparison between the Speed Force and The Force [from Star Wars]. Miller said:

“[Dance choreographer] Martha Graham, one of my greatest inspirations, said in a series…in a quote that ‘there is a vitality, a life force, a quickening,’ and for me, the idea of a quickening, the idea that the whole universe as we know it is essentially this composition of things at different speeds, is an interesting idea.


So the Speed Force being like The Force [in ‘Star Wars’] in the sense that it’s a dimensional reality that’s manipulating others, almost like a gravitational wave that manipulates space-time. [T]hat is what’s interesting for my Barry Allen, and for me what becomes interesting is the human being who is suddenly coming into contact and rapidly starting to merge with the force, and what that is for a human being.”


Miller has shown quite an enthusiasm for his upcoming role in the standalone film and Justice League. And judging from Miller’s quotes, it looks like DCEU will be dealing with The Speed Force in a different way than The CW’s The Flash where The Speed Force is used by characters to time travel, break the space-time continuum, and even travel to other dimensions.

Amy Fanai

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