15 Hidden Story Points, Easter Eggs & Moments You Missed in Captain Marvel Trailer

The Captain Marvel trailer wreaks nothing but Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel. It seems that this will probably be the most unique and best the best origin story ever. The movie seems to be drastically altering the origin of Captain Marvel here, and it may be for the good of everyone. Amongst all the scenes that portrayed Carol Danvers, there were moments that actually brought in so much more on the table. But since they went by so quickly, people actually ended up missing the real significance of all the scenes. Here’s everything you may have missed from the trailer:

Blockbuster Video

Right from the moment when the trailer begins, we are shown Captain Marvel crash landing onto the surface of Earth. The building that she crashes into turns out to be Blockbuster Video which hits you right in the feels as that straight up signifies the 90s, where the movie is actually taking place. There are going to be so many other things that are going to make you remember the 90s and that is what’s so great about this film. It will make you nostalgic in almost every scene set on Earth.

Carol’s Connection to SHIELD

The trailer shows us Carol taking a walk into a supposed SHIELD facility as she is also wearing a SHIELD hat. It is assumed that Fury actually ends up bringing her in this facility, in order to show her the Skrull that SHIELD got hold of.

Experimentation upon a Skrull

As we all know that this trailer brings in a young Nick Fury, but one scene many of us may have missed is the one that shows him to be in the same room where a Doctor conducts an Experiment upon a Skrull that they might have found. Fury is the one sitting on the left while the one towards the right seems to be a young Phil Coulson.

The Kree Homeworld of Hala

Every new MCU movie these days has something very different to offer us. Black Panther brought in Wakanda, and now, Captain Marvel is bring us the Kree Homeworld of Hala which was mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy, but was never really shown. Since this movie focuses deeply upon the Kree, we get a close look at their homeworld and it does look pretty incredible.

Maria Rambeau

The one role we know very less about is Lashana Lynch’s character, Maria Rambeau. She is going to be a strong supporting character in Carol’s pre-Captain Marvel days, and in the comics, her daughter named Monica actually goes on to become the superhero we know as Photon/Spectrum. Kevin Feige mentioned that we are going to see new heroes like Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel in the upcoming movies, so perhaps we could also get Spectrum. Captain Marvel is set in the 90s, and the sequels would obviously take place post Avengers 4, so get ready for more heroes to come in!

Is Jude Law the….

In the final moments of the trailer, we see Larson don her trademark Captain Marvel suit and there was a shot where they show a closeup of her fist in her red gloves. What most people did not notice here is the individual standing in front of Captain Marvel in the blur. That individual seems to be wearing a blackish/grayish armour and does seem to be none other than Jude Law! So, is he actually a villain? A theory is out there which suggests that Law’s character is the one who wipes off Carol’s memories, so he could be having a negative Role.

Carol goes to Space

Amidst the scenes of Carol Danvers, we get to see a moment where Carol is piloting an aircraft in Space. This is probably the moment where she actually leaves Earth and goes on to join the Kree Straforce.

The Beeper

Marvel deliberately added the beeper of Nick Fury in this trailer. Captain Marvel has only been teased through Nick Fury’s Beeper that showed up towards the end of Avengers: Infinity War. And this will probably be referenced in the Captain Marvel solo movie, or there may actually be a connection to why Fury used a beeper in Infinity War through the one that shows up in Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel is held Captive

This scene goes in sync with Carol explaining the fact that she lost her memories, but it may actually be totally different from what it seems. Here, Carol may have been kept captive by the Skrulls. Her mission against the Skrulls would probably have led to this moment, so does that mean that a Skrull agent may be planted in place of her?

Carol’s dream to be a pilot

In the trailer, we saw Carol as a child, as a SHIELD associate, as a renegade soldier, and as Kree Starforce member. The one thing that we can apparently see in the trailer was that Carol dreamt of being a pilot right from the time she was a little kid.

Captain Marvel punches a Skrull

There was a moment that took fans by surprise, until it started making sense to them. We saw Captain Marvel take a hook at an old lady who was just smiling innocently at her, as if she would have taken her seat in the train. But then, the moment makes us realize that the old lady was actually a Skrull agent in disguise, it starts to make total sense.

Kree Ship

While we may not have any confirmation of this since it was a pretty quick shot, we could guess that this is actually a Kree Starforce ship and the team may actually be flying home, or may be towards Torfa where they supposedly have a mission. Also, the ship seems to be driven by Carol herself.

Mission to Torfa

Entertainment Weekly revealed that the Kree Starforce team that we saw was on a mission on Tofra and it is there that they will actually discover the Skrull invasion of Earth. The goal of the mission is to locate a missing Kree spy, but the team actually discovers so much more. This mission gets teased in the debut trailer. 

Captain Marvel’s Origin

Carol becomes a Superhero after Yon Rogg kidnapped her and used her as bait against Mar-Vell as the two had a history of conflicts. Carol was caught in the middle of a fierce battle, and along with Mar-Vell, she was present in an explosion of a Kree Psyche-Magneton device. This is where Danvers became Captain Marvel as the energy bombardment somehow caused Carol’s genetic structure to be melded with Mar-Vell’s and Earth got a perfect hybrid of Kree and human genes in addition with Mar-vell’s Kree knowledge, training and a massive set of powers! The explosion the Psyche-Magneton gets teased in the trailer in a very quick shot. But the means of the explosion will obviously be a little different.

Captain Marvel’s Mohawk

One thing that was a pretty parent in the trailer was the different helmets that every Starforce member had upon their battle armors. Carol’s Helmet in particular actually gave her the trademark Mohawk which she has in the comics. While we may not get to see her Mohawk again when she puts on the Red & Blue suit, but this was a cool way to add a reference to the comics, incorporating the use of helmet where it makes sense.

Bonus –

The First Contact of Earth with Aliens

15 Hidden Story Points, Easter Eggs & Moments You Missed in Captain Marvel Trailer

Right in the beginning of the trailer, we saw Carol crash onto Earth, but after that, we saw a Spaceship appearing very close to the atmosphere of Earth. Now this ships may belong to Kree or the Skrulls, but it is edited in a way that leads us to believe that it was a Kree ship and Carol actually crashes from it.  

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