Marvel’s Nova Plans Will Setup Young Avengers

There are a lot of interesting plans in the near future for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We will get to see some very interesting developments in the franchise since a whole new roster of characters has been introduced. There is no indication when we will get to see a major crossover event with all these new characters but we can be sure it is going to happen sometime soon. Meanwhile, the franchise will keep giving us hints of what might end up happening in terms of a team-up. Since Marvel will be developing a movie or a show about Nova it is quite obvious that MCU’s Young Avengers plans are a go. Let’s look at what is Marvel’s plan for Nova.


There have long been rumors regarding a Nova project featuring the narrative of the character in the MCU. According to Marvel Comics, Richard Rider is one of the most powerful superheroes and has been involved in some of the most important cosmic events. If this character is introduced in the MCU then we can be sure there are gonna be some major developments in the franchise. There were plans for the character to appear in the MCU during the Infinity Saga with various hints being laid out. It became quite clear that sooner or later the character would show up in the narrative with an arc that was built with the past few entries.


Marvel’s plan for Nova

Fans started to expect the character to show up when the Nova Corps showed up in Guardians of the Galaxy in Xandar. Later this planet would be amongst the planets that were destroyed by Thanos when he went to acquire the Infinity Stone. Fans hoped that this destruction would actually pave the way for Nova to end up appearing at the end of Infinity Saga. There were even plans for this to actually happen when the writers for Endgame revealed his arc was dropped from the movie because of too many characters already. The Russo’s even pranked the fans by stating that the character was in the final battle sequence in the movie.


Nova Project Under Development

It was recently announced that there have been reports of a Nova project under development for the MCU. According to these reports, Moon Knight writer Sabir Pirzada has been roped in to write the project. There is no clear indication of whether it is going to be a movie or a series. But there are more chances of it being a series project for the Disney+ streaming platform. Considering there are some quite big projects centered on characters who have been associated with Nova set to come out, it would make sense there would be such a project under development.


What Does This Mean For Young Avengers?

If Nova is brought into the franchise, he can end up playing a significant role in forming some important teams for MCU. Based on the projects like Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel, it has become quite clear that Phase 4 is introducing characters for the Young Avengers lineup. The same might end up happening for Nova as there is an interesting part of the narrative surrounding his age. Fans are expecting him to have an arc-like Captain Marvel and an old actor will be roped in for the role. But the character actually became the superhero in the comics when he was in high school. This could mean that he might end up being a candidate for the Young Avengers.


There is only a possibility for this to happen considering most of his superhero time was as an adult. But there is a certain amount of his arc that has seen him work with some of the younger heroes in Marvel. The very first example is the fact that he had served the New Warriors before going for bigger things off-world. If the MCU brings this part of the character then we can expect to have an assured that the Young Avengers event will actually be focused on in the franchise. Nova could be the very project that might end up completing the required number of characters for Young Avengers to happen.


Fans are excited about what is Marvel’s plan for Nova, What do you think will it be a movie or series? tell us in the comments down below.

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