New Spider-Man 3 Images Include an Angry Doc Ock and More

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at an unprecedented pace. Not only have we seen 25 movies in the franchise but it has also birthed countless TV shows and comics. The MCU even has a book about it now, which is certainly a first for a comic cinematic universe. But the most interesting thing happening in the MCU right now is Spider-Man: No Way Home. Case in point, the latest issue of Empire Magazine has some New Spider-Man 3 Images that you should take a look at.

Image: Empire

These Images include the full look of Alfred Molina‘s Doc Ock attacking Tom Hollan’s Spider-Man and much more. There are several new angles and never revealed before locations in these images that reveal some new aspects of the story. But they also reveal the progression that the story might take. We have these images because of Empire’s latest issue and they deserve the entire credit for them. But we cannot help but speculate on the premise of the story.


Image: Empire

Stick with us as we dissect all of these images one by one for hidden story details and maybe we can reveal the plot of No Way Home. Let’s start with the first image of Tom Holland in his Spider-Man suit. This seems to be the starting battle scene, but the hero is definitely been engaged in the confrontation for some time. There is battle damage on the suit and on his face. Not to mention the exhausted yet determined expression. This is one of the coolest images of Spider-Man we have seen in a long time.


New Spider-Man 3 Images

Image: Empire

This next image is of Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock. We presume that this one is the other angle from the first image in this post. It is Doc Ock warning Tom Holland Iron Spider to not interfere with his plans, presumably. We think that Molina might still be trying to harness the power of the sun. Alternatively, he may be trying to take revenge on Spider-Man for stopping him previously. Whatever be the case, it seems clear that Molina will play the veil version of the Doc Ock once again. We were hoping he would be an ally, but what can we do 🤷‍♀️.


Image: Empire

This next image is even more interesting g because we get to see Spider-Man in a never seen before underground lair. There are two possibilities here, either this is the basement to the new york’s sanctum Santorum or it is a different lair altogether. Maybe it is similar to the one we see in Peter Parker’s backyard in Into the Multiverse. Whatever the case be, we cannot wait for Tom Holland to battle the sinister six in this multiversal adventure.


Image: Empire

Now, this is a still that we have seen before.it is similar to the No Way Home trailer sequence where Peter finds out that his secret identity has been revealed to the world. Zendaya plays an absolutely fantastic Mary Jane and we hope that she has more screen time in this movie. Although that seems unlikely given the rumors that surround this movie. If we do get to see multiverse versions of Spider-Man then it will also be nice to see some multiverse versions of Mary Jane.


But There is More

Image: Empire

This is a completely new look at Doctor Strange. We have never seen this still before. It seems that Strange is mulling over something. Perhaps he is looking at the three Spider-Men as they seek refuge in the sanctum Santorum. Or maybe he is just disappointed in Tom Holland for tampering with the spell. We don’t know yet but we can speculate as much as we want for now. There is something sinister brewing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The multiverse is about to be released and Doctor Strange is smack in the middle of it. We wonder how things will develop from here.


There is also no explanation for the scarring that both Cumberbatch and Tom Holland have on their faces. It is probably from the botched spell but we cannot know for sure. What if the spell has transported them into a universe that they are not compatible with and they are slowly disintegrating? Or perhaps that is a little too far. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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