Thanos From MCU Is Extremely Weak Compared To The Comics

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen some unprecedented growth in recent years. We thought that the franchise will slow down after the Infinity Saga but they have continued to expand beyond our expectations and have reached heights that we could have never imagined. A big part of MCU’s success was the proper setup that its main villain received. The Infinity Saga was nothing but a hype train for Thanos. But a proper reading of the comics reveals that Thanos From MCU is extremely weak compared to his comic counterpart.

What do we mean by this statement? Well, you see, the MCU version of Thanos has been nerfed to no end and he is nothing as compared to the comic version. Let us start our explanation with what the MCU version is capable of. The Mad Titan in MCU descended on to the Avengers like a thunderstorm. He was unstoppable, unrelenting, and extremely dangerous. In his introduction scene, he decimated the entire Asgardian army in an instant and killed Loki. Not to mention the humiliation Thor faced at his hands.


Thanos even beat the Hulk in a one-on-one battle and smashed all expectations of “Hulk will be the answer”. But this only shows his combat power which is in line with his comic self. The Mad Titan has always been a skilled warrior but he is dangerous for more reasons than being proficient at close-quarter combat. Some fans even speculated that the only reason Thanos was able to achieve any of this was that he had the power stone in his possession. This makes sense and just goes to show how Marvel Studios nerfed the character for the MCU.

Thanos From MCU Is Extremely Weak

The thing is that the comic version of Thanos has never needed the power gem to dominate any of the heroes. He stands independent of the infinity gems. In fact, the only reason he collects them in the comics is to showcase his love for the personification of death. This makes it more of an errand than an agenda. Marvel Studios even change this motivation of the Mad Titan to make his character more relatable but the thing is comic Thanos is neither relatable nor benevolent.


He is a cruel tyrant. For the uninitiated, Thanos has the power to absorb and covert cosmic energy as he thinks fit. This is not something that is granted to him through external sources, it is his inherent power and he has used it before to completely eradicate Riri Williams. Comic fans know that there is no upper limit to this energy absorption in the comics but it is more of an open-ended thing. The reason for this is that this allows writers to use the power as a get-out-of-jail-free card for incidental Thanos dominance. It’s sort of like an RKO out of nowhere meme.


One second Thanos would be on his knees and the other he would kill an entire legion. Expectation subversion is kind of Thanos’s thing. It is the base of his character sketch and pet of what makes him such an interesting character. The proper reading of the comics reveals that Thanos From MCU Is Extremely Weak because he has no such powers. He only has an agenda and some motivation. Even the members of the Black Order are laughable in the MCU as compared to being one of the scariest characters in the comics.


The Real Reasoning

We suppose Marvel did this so that the Avengers were able to defeat Thanos in the end. But at the same time, they made the villain tamer and much less menacing than his comic counterpart. Thanos from MCU is extremely weak because the writers chose to portray him as such. In the comics, he is much more of a recurring lasting menace so there is no need to nerf him. But the MCU has a more episodic approach and needs some adjusting time and again.


What do you think of our theory and analysis? Does it seem plausible or is it just speculation? Maybe you think there is a better explanation. Whatever be the case, let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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