Kro: The Villain In The Second Eternals Trailer Explained

Marvel is back with its movies, this time with the trailer for the upcoming Marvel event Eternals. Directed by Academy Award-winning director Chloe Zhao, this movie is supposed to introduce us to an entire group of new characters. These characters may determine the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe going ahead as they are much more powerful than the beings we have seen before. The second trailer arrived yesterday with a lot much more information than the first trailer. While the first trailer left us with a lot of questions, the second trailer did provide us with some answers. Marvel is slowly increasing the amount of secrecy around the marketing of the new movies. They haven’t even released the trailer for some of their upcoming projects. Surprisingly, the second trailer for Eternals gave us a lot more detail into the plot with a first look at the villain’s character, Kro. Here’s a detailed glance at Eternal’s villain Kro, who was recently seen in the second Eternals Trailer. 

The Second Trailer

The second trailer introduces us to what links the Marvel Cinematic Universe to this feature. We are told that during the events of Avengers: Endgame a flare of energy was released that was strong enough to trigger the “Emergence”. This is the event due to which the Eternals have had to come out of the shadows. Not only them but their sworn enemies, the Deviants also seem to have come out. As the movie is built around the Eternals, the Deviants could be the prime antagonists. But, it is being assumed that they might just be a hint to some larger threat i.e. the return of the Celestials. Celestials are the supreme beings who have existed from the start of time. The trailer introduced us to one of the Deviant leaders by the name of Kro. 

The Eternals & The Deviants

Second Eternals Trailer

The Eternals was created by the late legend Jack Kirby for Marvel Comics in 1976. The Deviants are created as the prime antagonists of the comic books. According to the comic books, a race of supreme beings known as the Celestials visited the planet Earth millions of years ago. They created two races that had supernatural abilities and were much more evolved, known as the Eternals and the Deviants. These two races battled each other out for a long time as the Deviants wanted to rule the humans while the Eternals wanted to protect them. These battles and the acts of the Celestials were spread all across the history of the Earth through mythology and legend. One of the biggest impacts of these battles led to the destruction of an entire continent by the name of Lemuria. This led to its capital city, Atlantis sinking down the ocean.  

Kro, The Deviant

Kro is one of the most unique amongst the rest of the Deviants with his abilities ranging closer to the Eternals. His abilities make him immortal and he also possesses psychic control over his body that allows him to manage all of its bodily functions. Kro also has resistance to injury but that does not come close to the Eternals. They have had once almost killed him while throttling him, something that won’t have affected him at all. The closeness in the abilities to the Eternals has made him somewhat of a black sheep amongst the Deviants.

They would often perform harsh experiments on him just to discover the secret to his immortality. Kro used his shapeshifting abilities to often save himself from such a circumstance. This was the basis on which countless mythological figures from history ranging from Pluto to Hades. This uniqueness has often made him somewhat of a figure between the two opposing races and he even became a lover of the Eternal Athena.

Second Eternals Trailer

MCU is popular for altering certain characters from the comics for adapting them into live-action movies. Kro also appears absolutely different from his comic book appearance with an enhancement in his shapeshifting powers. The leaked merchandise also revealed that he can morph his hands into weapons. The feet also seem to resemble the goat-like devilish features generally seen in the Christian depictions. 

MCU’s Eternals will be released in the cinema on November 5. 

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