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10 Extremely Horrible Things Loki Did In Marvel Comics

The Disney+ show Loki gave us a very different version of the character. One can never clearly say whether Loki is a supervillain or a superhero. He has become a character whose intentions are entirely derived from the circumstances. Loki explored a very unique side of the character that has more shades than we ever got to see. But we cannot forget the terrible things he has done that have put him alongside some of the greatest villains in Marvel. Here’s a list of horrible things Loki did to become the villain he is known as.

Turned Thor into a frog

This might as well be one of the silliest things you will get to see the God of Mischief have done on this list. Loki turned Thor into a frog, commonly known as Throg. This was one of the most humiliating things and still remains as one of the biggest jokes. Thor is a character who is majorly proud of himself and uses that pride as one of his strengths. This was a really humiliating and horrible thing to be done to him. Throg made an appearance on the Disney+ show Loki.

Killed Kid Loki

We got to see Kid Loki as a variant of Loki in the Disney+ show Loki. Kid Loki like the one shown in the series is innocent and much less evil compared to Loki himself. Loki sacrificed himself and took over the body of Kid Loki while his older self survived as a raven called Ikol.

Loki slowly started manipulating Kid Loki and slowly started inhabiting over him making sure that all traces of him are wiped out. In a way, he killed Kid Loki.

Took over Lady Sif

Horrible Things Loki Did

During one specific storyline from the comic book, Loki was living as a female variant and called herself Sylvie. Loki was a woman for an extended period in comic books. He actually took the form of Lady Sif, as a means of getting support from Asgardians. In an evil act, he trapped Lady Sif’s soul in an old woman’s body who was nearing death so that he could havoc around Agard. 

Seige of Asgard

At a time that is now known as the darkest moment in the history of Marvel Comics i.e. the Secret Invasion, Loki made sure there was more yet to come. Loki manipulated Norman Osborn, who was now leading SHIELD, to launch a full-blown attack on Agard. This attack is known as the Siege of Asgard. This caused absolute chaos throughout Asgard and many Asgardians lost their lives. 

Manipulated the villains

As seen in the previous case, Loki has always been capable of manipulating people. We saw him try and manipulate Hulk to wreak havoc while the Avengers were in the Helicarrier. Though Black Widow discovered this and figured out Loki’s plans, the same cannot be said for the numerous other times he did that. He took upon massive villains like Doctor Doom, Kingpin, Mandarin, Magneto, and the Red Skull.

Created Thor’s greatest enemies

Thor was always a major stone in the plans of Loki and he was one of the primary reasons Loki’s plans fell apart. This almost made Thor his primary foe and he made sure that he left no stones unturned in fighting his brother. We saw him do that when Loki used Destroyer to battle with Thor in the Thor movie. In the comic books, Thor had to fight against Carl Creel who was converted to the absorbing man.

Brought Ragnarok to destroy Asgard

Horrible Things Loki Did

Loki always wanted to get the throne of Asgard. Many times he tried every possible means to get that throne using his evil means. During one of these attempts, Loke brought in Ragnarok and caused the death of Asgard. An epic battle unfolded as Thor, who was the King of Asgard at that time, was attacked by Loki, wielding a Mjolnir and his own army.

Convinced the world Thor was mad

During, another one of such attacks on Thor, Loki using convinced the world to go against Thor. The entire world turned against him and he was taken into captivity by the other Ultimates. Loki seized this opportunity and planned an invasion of the United States with his own team called Liberators. Luckily, Thor breaks free and proves himself as a God to the world.

Became the reason for uniting the Avengers

Loki is also responsible for one of the biggest comic book moments. He is responsible for uniting the heroes who came to be called the Avengers, which caused a ripple throughout the universe. Even though he was just attempting another attack on his brother, one can say he might have been equally shocked with the response. Loki didn’t stand a chance against the group of superheroes and had to give in. It goes without saying that this was no ordinary mischief, to have led to such a moment.

Caused Avengers to fight against the Defenders

Even though he is responsible for uniting these heroes, he made sure they didn’t go so easy either. He pitted them against another group of heroes from earth called the Defenders. He convinced the Avengers that the other group was going to use the Evil Eye themselves for evil motives, causing the two teams to battle it out.

So these were the horrible things Loki did. He is not the nicest of people. But I believe that his mischief is necessary in order to spice things up. Let’s see how his story continues in the MCU.

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