Tom Cavanagh Slams Zack Snyder, endorses Grant Gustin as Flash for the DC Cinematic Universe

The DC Cinematic universe is ready to expand its horizons and bring a host of superheroes under its ambit. They introduced Batman (played by Ben Affleck) and Wonder woman in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and provided a sneak-peek into other characters like Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg etc.


The studio has already cast Ezra Miller for the role of speedster Flash, but Tom Cavanagh (who portrays Prof. Wells on the CW show Flash) has thrown his weight behind Grant Gustin to reprise his role as he would make a great Flash and this is a big missed opportunity for DC cinematic universe, according to him.

DC Cinematic universe

He spoke to Nerdist and slammed Zack Snyder for not even considering Grant for the role.  He said “It was either Variety or Vanity Fair that wrote an article that said DC needs to watch what they’re doing on TV because the TV’s working and some of the other darker stuff isn’t working. Here’s what I’ll say about him not being The Flash. The first thing is that for Zack Snyder to say ‘that’s not really the universe that we’re building, it’s excruciating for an actor. Because you’re like, ‘Uh, what about acting? He’s a clean-cut guy and winning, yes because he’s acting that. He’s not Barry Allen. He’s Grant Gustin. He created that thing. If you want [your Flash] to have long hair and be a slacker, believe me, Grant can play that.”

Cavanagh continued, “He makes it look easy and makes everyone think that’s what he is because he’s an incredibly skilled talent. That’s why he has that job. That’s why people like the show. If Zack Snyder were to read him for, he would be shocked. It’s crazy for a big-time Hollywood director to say ‘that’s not the universe.’ It’s a huge misstep on his part. If you’re a director, and you’re worth your oats, then you should be able to, given an actor with talent, mold him into what you want, and Grant could do that.” Well…the only silver lining for DC fans is Zack Snyder is no more creative in-charge of Justice League.

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