Top 5 Most Fascinating Walking Dead Characters of All Seasons

First of all, for people who don’t watch The Walking Dead, SPOILER ALERT. The rundown you are going to use contains significant Walking Dead spoilers. Read At Your Own Risk.

Walking Dead is a show famous for its amazing, and at times, peculiar characterization. It’s this characterization that has enabled the show to continue for six seasons in a market this tough with a plot as thin as the word “Zombies”. Part of the show’s success is also the effectiveness with which the characters of the graphic novel on which the show is based are brought to life. So let’s go through the best of the best characters of TWD:

Carol Peletier:

Brought to life by actress Melissa McBride, Carol is an excellent story of a person from being a victim inside and out to becoming a fearless killer. The most consistently developed character in the arrangement, Carol is not afraid to make the tough decisions when push comes to shove. She can kill a 12-year old and take care of a 2-year old all at the same time. A victim of domestic abuse, She is transformed into a great leader, a survivor, and one of the wisest, if not the wisest character in the show

Glenn Rhee:



Much like Carol, Glenn went under drastic change throughout the six seasons. One of the most underrated and ignored characters in the series, the extent of his badassery is exemplified in the fact that he killed a zombie while being in a room by himself and being tied to a chair.

Glenn has managed to sustain his humanity through the worst of times. His relationship with Maggie too adds to the humanity of the character making him one of the most significant people in the group.




Ever since her inception in the show, Michonne has turned out to be a fan favourite. Part of the reason this happened is obviously the sword she so effectively handles. Watching Michonne decapitating Zombie-Heads is one of the most satisfying moments of the show.

However, there is much more to the character than she lets out.She has extraordinary profundity, from the loss of her child to letting her boyfriend and his friend turn into walkers and further slicing off their jaws and hands to use them as protection. We see the chilly, the quiet, and the bad-ass Michonne. But her humanity is reflected in the friendly bond that she forms with Carl. Michonne’s depth is what makes her so fascinating.

Rick Grimes:



Despite the wide array of characters in The Walking Dead, if one had to ascertain who the lead is, Rick would probably be it. He bites and rips a crazy man’s throat as if he was a walker. On the border of being insane and the most sensible person in a post-apocalyptic world,  he has a sense of justice that save the most lives while trying not to lose his humanity. With the help of his group, he overthrew a cannibal compound, a tyrant’s town and prove to be the most responsible leader in the safest community they have.

Being the first and the only character whose story we truly witness, Rick’s progression is parallel to the show’s story. He has survived everything, from losing his wife, to his head almost being cut off. But the best reason is That Beard, PERIOD!

Daryl Dixon:



Rick might be in the lead role, but Daryl is everyone’s favourite. If Michonne has her sword, and Rick has his hat, Daryl has his crossbow. Daryl is a modern day Superman. He knows how to kill zombies, villains, and other undesirables. He’s constantly saving people!

He’s a super quick thinker and gets out of the scariest and most insane situations! He has the perfect skills (powers) to survive. He’s not egotistic and knows how to be a team player. He’s a badass but what’s most endearing is how much he cares about people.

From the effort to find Sophie, Beth and risking his life to return insulin for an unknown girl. People love Daryl because he’s the type of man, friend, brother, husband, son everyone would love to have in their lives. He turns from a hostile redneck to a defender for his group. A man of few words, His skills speak for him. He is the best character in the show, and arguably the best outside of it.

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