Which Avenger Will Survive Infinity War? The Answer Will Shock You!

The Avengers are expected to hit rougher waters by the time of Avengers Infinity War. Speculations have been rampant about the Avengers dying in the Phase 3 close. Avengers Infinity War is expected to be Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest film to date. The movie will feature over 66 superheroes along with a multitude of villains that may have been part of the earlier Phases. The last time the team had been together, they had already chosen sides about which side they were going to take when push came to shove. The disagreement between Captain America and Iron Man saw the extremities of each characters limitation.

Sam Wilson aka Falcon was one of the few team members who stood with Captain America. So when it come to the upcoming Infinity War, will Falcon suffer the same fate as Captain America?

avengers infinity war

Recently, Anthony Mackie appeared at Wizard World Cleveland where he spoke about his part in Infinity War. The actor revealed the fates of his character in the upcoming movie… sort of. The actor said:

“I’ve only read 5 pages [of the script] – and they were a good 5 pages. But I was alive in those five pages. I ain’t dying. I’ve got that in my contract. You can’t a brother off. I’m not going to die. I ain’t going nowhere.”

Mackie does not really elaborate what kind of fate that Falcon will have, or if he will survive at the end of Infinity War. If he does, and Captain America does not, then the character would no doubt take over the moniker of Captain America. Steve Rogers death had lead to Falcon taking over the title in the comics. The new Captain has been one fan favorite that has lasted for years. Chris Evans had talked about potentially leaving the role for directing for a few years, so the time may be eminent for Mackie to prep for a change.

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