Avengers: Infinity War – Did Doctor Strange Create Multiple Time Loops on Titan?

Avengers: Infinity War has so many hidden details within the giant battles and everything that happens in the film, that some of those still keep on popping up every now and then, making us look at the film from a totally different direction. One of these details that have made it to the internet is related to Doctor Strange, and specifically what he does in the film.

Avengers: Endgame Thanos Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange as we know turned out to be one of the very tough contenders against Thanos. He got a big visually awesome solo battle against Thanos, and he was the one that actually set the course for Avengers: Endgame to follow. But what if Endgame is all about being in a massive Infinity War moment. Coming from Reddit user dat__dan713, what if Doctor Strange was up to something more while he was busy finding out 14 million+ alternative futures?

Doctor Strange Multiple Time Loops Titan

The Redditor points out the fact that Doctor Strange could have had multiple time loops in play right from the moment after the Guardians and the Avengers team up. Here’s what his theory states:

“If you recall in Dr. Strange’s solo film, when Strange originally fought Dormammu he used the time stone to create a time loop allowing him to move through alternate timelines, trapping Dormammu in a loop. The spell itself showed two rings on his upper and lower forearm (the lower one being smaller and tighter, and the upper being wider) it featured an open eye of Agamoto with the stone glowing. Similarly when Dr. Strange was viewing alternate futures in Infinity war it showed similar runes and bands, the only difference being it was on each arm and there was glowing green energy surrounding him. Which I gather to imply a heavier workload on strange and the stone.

A scene from Infinity War featured star-lord taking measurements on titan, in which he said the planet was 8° off its axis and its gravitational pull is all out of whack. Before and during the time these measurements were taking place, strange was busy reviewing futures.

Now if you remember during the fight on Titan, Thanos hurled the planet’s moon at tony. As you know the moon of a planet has a great effect on a planets gravitational pull, as seen on earth for example with the moons effect on tidal patterns. What we know about titan is limited to Thanos’ description. From what we can gather you could make the assumption that Titan had some form of nuclear weapons, and most likely entered nuclear warfare fighting over resources. However it would take an unfathomably large amount of force to effect a planets tilt which weaponry like that could not do. Now a moon crashing into a planet however, that might do the trick. Ok. So what I’m getting at is that Dr Strange began his spell before star lord started measuring, and as he was doing so Strange creates a time loop of sorts that has clearly already taken effect, where the repercussions of the moons impact are already seen before it actually happens.”

Doctor Strange Multiple Time Loops Titan

The Redditor seems to be playing with a theory that we don’t have a proper answer to yet. He himself admits that it could be very far-fetched, but what if it is true? What if all of this is a big time loop that hasn’t taken its course just yet. Our inclination to believe that this is not a time loop comes from the fact that Doctor Strange died and the Loop did not end.

As we saw in the movie Doctor Strange, the time loop kept ending every time Doctor Strange died, so that should have happened in Infinity War as well. But as we discovered above, there are more than one time loops in play along with some energy from the time stone, so what if the second time loop prolongs the duration of the loop even beyond the death of Doctor Strange? Now that’s adding far-fetched to an already far-fetched theory.

Infinity Stones

It could be that the green energy bands may just be helping Doctor Strange to stay in those future alternatives he’s discovering, and not forming actual time loops. We can only find out about this once Avengers: Endgame comes out. There are probably no time loops of this scale, but let’s wait for what the film has to show us. Avengers: Endgame opens on April 26.

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