How Ms Marvel Will Introduce Other Mutants as Well

Captain Marvel was pulled onto Earth, but that was expected to happen right from the beginning. We didn’t expect Kamala Khan to be revealed as a Mutant. She was the one who was supposed to be an Inhuman but was first called a Djinn in the MCU. And now Bruno has claimed that even though she’s half Djinn, her genes have something different. Since she has been teased as a mutant, here’s how Ms Marvel will also introduce other mutants.

When Bruno first brought up how Kamala’s powers came from within her, we presume that she could be a mutant in the MCU. But then Najma revealed how Kamala is supposed to be a Clandestine, or perhaps a Djinn. But after her great Grandmother, Aisha, a pure Clandestine from the Noor Dimension, none of her family on Earth got powers even though they were all human-djinn hybrids. It was just Kamala who got powers because she seemed to have unlocked her X-Gene with her bangle.


Bruno found something odd in her genes which weren’t there in her mother or her brother. So with the whole X-Men ’97 music playing in the background and the fact that Bruno called it a mutation, the difference in Kamala’s genes has to be the X-Gene. Najma teased that even Kamran would unlock his Noor someday. And he unlocked a similar ability to Kamala through Najma’s Noor. So, it is possible that his genes have also been mutated into the X-Gene. But people have been left asking how exactly will the other mutants be brought into the mix.


The MCU has totally changed the history of mutants, and it is tough to think of how this Ms. Marvel could bring in other popular mutants. We had initially theorized that the snaps of Thanos, Hulk, and Iron Man could have unlocked the X-Genes within humans. But that did not turn out to be the case. Then we presumed that maybe the mutants could come in through a different universe in the multiverse. After all, Doctor Strange 2 more or less confirmed that they existed on Earth-838. So, maybe they could have been brought to Earth-616 from another Earth. But as Reed Richards explained, that would ultimately cause an Incursion. So even the multiverse is out of the question.


People even thought that by the end of Doctor Strange 2, Wanda might alter reality in a way that mutants could start to exist on Earth-616, along with her children. But that didn’t happen either. Since Ms. Marvel has introduced us to the term mutation, the rest of the mutants could likely come in through her. I’ve got a theory that Ms. Marvel had already teased the other mutants in the first episode.


How Ms Marvel Will Introduce Other Mutants

Remember when she first wore the bangle? She took a trip through an alternate dimension. It was first presumed that this could be the Negative Zone because the bangle has been inspired by the Kree Nega Bands. And in the comics, these Nega Bands transported people like Mar-Vell and Rick Jones into the Negative Zone. But then we were introduced to the Noor Dimension, which is the home of the Clandestines. So clearly, Kamala got a sneak peek beyond the veil into the Noor Dimension. Najma and her companions were all exiled on Earth from the Noor dimension.


And they all seemed to have powers within the Noor dimension, but they could not use those powers on Earth. Still, they were somehow able to summon different kinds of weapons. So my ultimate theory is that the Clandestines are actually going to be labeled as mutants on Earth-616. First, let’s look at a little history of who they are.


In the comics, the Clandestines belonged to an obscure family that readers weren’t really fond of. All the members of the ClanDestine family were descendants of Adam of Destine. They were all enhanced individuals who were half-Djinn. Adam was from a Saxon village in England back in the 12th century. Once upon a time, the Djinn Elalyth came into his dream, and he thought she was an Angel. She blessed him with regenerative powers and made him almost invulnerable. So, Adam used his abilities to free her from captivity, and the two fell in love. Thanks to Elalyth, Adam became immortal, and they raised a whole clan of destines, which came to be called the Clandestine Family.


Over the years, these Clandestines were spread across the entire planet and used their powers for their gains. Some of them became villains, but some became heroes too. Instead of making the Clandestines half-Djinn in the MCU, they are complete Djinns, just like Elalyth was in the books. And in place of England, the Clandestines have been given an entirely new dimension to call their home.


How Ms Marvel Will Introduce Other Mutants

But now, as more of them come into the MCU, they could be called Mutants who all have different powers. Something could happen in The Marvels that may not shatter the veil, but it could bring in a lot more Clandestines onto Earth-616, And among them, we’d see all kinds of famous and obscure mutants like Wolverine, Gambit, Cyclops, Jubilee, and the list could go on and on.


The people we saw when Kamala peeked into the Noor Dimension could all be mutants. And somehow, they could now be able to use their pre-existing powers on Earth-616 as well. Captain Marvel has huge tie-ups with Rogue in the comics. So, The Marvels could start by calling Kamala Khan a mutant and bringing Rogue into the mix. But what do you guys think of this theory?


Could the Clandestines be called Mutants in the MCU? Literally, anything is happening on Kevin Feige’s Earth-616. So why not this? Right? Marvel seems to have exhausted all other options of suddenly bringing the mutant race all at once. They can’t just say that mutants have always existed on Earth. They’ve played that card with the Eternals. But the Clandestines could offer them a way, and people won’t even see it coming.


Let us know in the comments if you agree with this “Clandestines are all mutants” theory.

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