The Biggest Plot Hole of Matrix 4 Could Be The Resurrection of Trinity

2021 marked a major return for the entertainment industry as people finally started returning to the cinema halls after the COVID-19 pandemic. It was an absolute surprise to see many franchises come up with some of their best projects as they had delayed it for the audience. One of the biggest revivals was definitely the Matrix franchise with their fourth film, The Matrix Resurrections. The movie took on a lot from the past films and while it didn’t manage to be as good as the originals it was an interesting watch. There were a lot of references to the various things that had happened in the original movies but reviving such a franchise might have certain issues. It seems that the resurrection of Trinity might be the biggest plot hole of Matrix 4.

The Matrix Resurrections

The fourth film in the franchise still manages to be a sci-fi venture with some added layers to the narrative that make it a bit more relevant in the modern day. The Matrix movies are known for the action and the way that these sequences were shot, which influenced the entire industry ever since its release. This time around they tried to pick up on certain pop culture trends that were actually quite meta and hence made some very major references to the past events of the franchise. With one particular scene actually showing a moment from the very first movie in the background, it was fairly obvious that the movie was living off of its original trilogy.


Resurrection of Trinity

While they managed to bring a narrative, it was not very unique and rather inspired by the original trilogy of the movies. We saw Keanu Reeves‘ Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss’ Trinity reunite as they come to terms with the events of the original trilogy that they had forgotten about. The movie makes a lot of meta-commentary about the influence the original trilogy had on the world and at the same time the social commentary it ended up making. But reuniting these two characters needed for them to be actually alive considering we had seen both of them die in The Matrix Revolutions.


Plot Hole of Matrix 4

Resurrecting Neo turns out to be the focus of the first half of the movie as the character slowly comes to terms with the fact that he is in a newly designed Matrix. He had sacrificed himself in order to broker peace between the humans of Zion and the machines who ruled the world. But Neo finds out that he and Trinity were restored in order to use the power of their love bond that actually boosts the Matrix’s human energy production. This was done using resurrection pods which were actually developed by the program Rama Kandra who is the father of Sati, played by Priyanka Chopra.


But the second half purely focused on bringing back Trinity from this newly designed world. This was a much more complicated process considering Trinity died from the metal poles going through her chest when they crash-landed Captain Niobe’s ship into the Machine City. The process of reviving Neo was much simpler not only because he was not impaled by anything but also because being The One enabled him to have a special connection with the machines. These very things appear to raise a plot hole considering the Trinity not having code of The One could not be brought back so easily.


Possible Solution

Resurrection of Trinity

There might be a simple solution to this that was not referenced by the movie but is derived from what we got to know about the creation of the newly designed Matrix from the Analyst played by Neil Patrick Harris. The Analyst was responsible for designing the latest iteration of the Matrix and he mentions that resurrecting Neo and Trinity was rather expensive. This might have meant that there was a lot more focus on the code for Neo and Trinity as they became quite essential figures in the new iteration. There was a clear reference to this when we saw around the end that Trinity possessed some of the same features as Neo thus giving her the anomaly of being the One too. This might have meant that she might have also developed a rather similar remote link between her and the machine world.


Plot Hole of Matrix 4

The primary focus of The Matrix Resurrections was on the bond that is shared by Neo and Trinity and this had a heavy influence on the Matrix. There were quite a lot of exciting action scenes in the movie but they weren’t as exciting as what we had seen before in the original movies. This time around the narrative was a lot more relaxed and wanted to live on the hype of the original trilogy. The Matrix Resurrections is now streaming on HBO Max.


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