Civil War: RDJ’s Stunt Double Shares BTS Photo of Iron Man and Bucky Before The Fight

The films which have been delivered by Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years have been really good and it’s hard to forget any one of them but for the moment, all the pretty chaos is between Captain Marvel and Avengers 4. Someone just made everyone stop for a second to recollect the good old memories of the past as the picture from BTS of Captain America: Civil War has been traveling around the internet and making fans taking some tissues for themselves.

Captain America: Civil War

Recently a stunt double named James Young who is the stunt-double of both Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) shared a picture of BTS from the movie, Captain America: Civil War in which we see that Bucky Barnes is sitting on the left and James Young is in the suit of Iron Man and is in a slightly chilling mode.

The caption he put with the picture “Quick rest before trying to kill each other again” makes us remind about the fight between Captain America and Iron Man. This was one of the most painful scenes and at the same time was one of the most iconic scenes in the history of MCU and the memories of the whole movie just started coming in front of the fans. At the time of this movie’s release also Chris Evans has told us the reason why Captain America loves and even decides to fight with his friend Iron Man for his old friend Bucky.

Chris said in an interview,

“Had Bucky not been brainwashed he’d be doing the same thing Cap is doing, taking orders from S.H.I.E.L.D. and fighting for the country and then realizing S.H.I.E.L.D. is corrupt.” He also added, “But, Bucky’s a different situation. He obviously couldn’t make these choices.”

Evans has expressed his emotions in the movie also as he doesn’t have anyone by his side who knows him as he left everyone behind when he was sleeping for all those years but seeing Bucky gave him hope of getting someone on the planet who knows him even before he was Captain America.

Also, when the Avengers: Infinity War came up to the theatres and watching all superheroes coming together for the fight against Mad-titan ‘Thanos’, we still couldn’t see Captain America and Iron Man coming together on the same screen because the cold war of thoughts is still in there between the two superheroes after the what has happened in Civil War. The producers and directors were interested in showing Captain America and Iron Man together in the Infinity War but the scene wasn’t satisfying to the eyes.

Joe Russo has explained the intention and the decision of not showing them together as he said that,

“Now, what’s interesting about these characters is that they’re all heroes and that irrespective of the events of Civil War and the fact that they caused physical damage to Rhodey, when aliens show up with the intent to destroy the Earth, he doesn’t hesitate, as a hero, to invite in other heroes who can help him defend the planet. And I think it will be a much different situation if Tony were here. If Tony and Steve had to see each other for the first time, it would be much more complicated.”

The picture has brought back a lot of memories of that film but despite that intense fight between two teams, Chris Evans has told in the past that the fight is in the movie only and that was also because of some confusion but in real life, the whole cast of Avengers live like a big family. As Evans said,

“I don’t think so there’s a rivalry off-screen between the Team Cap and Team Iron Man as we’re so close and we’ve done multiple movies together now. It’s funny to even come to set and remember “Oh Yeah. We’re not on the same team. DO I fight you tomorrow?” we’re used to making these movies together as a unit and doing press together as a unit, it was strange to come to work and remember “Oh Yeah, We’re on opposing sides tomorrow”.

So, what do you think about the photo? But, the bond is still strong between all the superheroes and with the picture bringing all the memories back, it’s easy to come back from the grips of those movies as Captain Marvel is going to release on March 8, 2019.

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