Fantastic Four Lookalike Team ‘The Terrifics’ Launches [Spoiler]!!

The Fantastic Four is a property still not owned by Disney. Marvel Comics had sold the rights to Marvel’s First Family to rival production houses – Fox and Constantin Pictures. While the Disney-Fox deal is almost finalized, there are still terabytes of legalities that need to be gone through before the Fantastic Four becomes Disney Property. Fox never sold back the rights to Marvel Studios until last year, a move that cost the Studio a lot of its fan base. As a result, Marvel tried to get back at Fox by stopping the publication of Fantastic Four comics altogether. The Fantastic Four are still shy of a solo series since its discontinuation. DC has found a way to get back at their biggest rivals. After launching a Fantastic Four lookalike team called the Terrifics, they are also including another major character that looks eerily similar to one of Marvel’s most iconic villains.

Spoiler Alert: The Following paragraphs contain major spoilers for The Terrifics #1. Look away if you still haven’t read it yet….

The moment DC Comics announced that they are launching a new superhero team called The Terrifics composed of Mr. Terrific, Phantom Girl, Metamorpho and Plastic Man, fans were smart enough to realize what DC was trying to do. The Fantastic Four are no longer being published by Marvel. By launching a superhero team with the entire set of members’ powers completely incompatible with each other’s, DC was trying to troll Marvel. It did it effortlessly but it wasn’t the end of it. The personality of Marvel’s First Family was replicated via the Terrifics as they ventured into the Dark Multiverse.

The reviews for the first issue of the Superhero team have been mostly positive. The very first adventure of the Superhero team led them to the Dark Multiverse which saw the team stranded on what looked like a planetoid. It was anything but. It is indeed, a character that looks strangely similar to the one that has been a recurring cosmic level threat to the entire Earth more than once.

Can you guess which guy are we talking about?!?!?

The Terrifics’ first issue saw the team of superheroes venturing into the Dark Multi-verse. The events take place after that of Dark Nights: Metal #1. Do not worry for the issue contains no spoilers for the upcoming Metal issue. Mr. Terrific’s Company, Terrific tech, has been meddling with the Dark Multi-verse. While Terrific is working with Batman to explore the Dark-verse, Terrifictech’s CEO Simon Stagg is meddling with a portal to the Dark Multiverse. The Dark Multi-verse’s energy has turned the superhero Metamorpho into pure Nth Metal. Terrific brings in the Plastic Man egg to help counteract the effects of the magical alloy.

The three heroes find themselves sucked into the Dark Verse as Plastic Man becomes increasingly angry on Batman and Terrific for leaving him in this sorry state. As Holt tries to explain the matter and the Dark Multi-verse and whatever the hell’s going on to the rest of the two heroes, Plastic Man deduces something is strange about the land they are currently standing on. He stretches his head above the horizon to see something extremely astonishing. Turns out, the land they are standing on is not a planetoid at all. It is the dead body of a dead cosmic God. Take a look at the picture and decide which fantastic four villains looks the same as this guy.

The picture and the design- by Reis, Prado and Maiolo, has been rendered gorgeously. One look at it and you will realize that the dead space God in question looks eerily similar to Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds in Marvel Comic. Apparently, DC wasn’t done with trolling Marvel on the Fantastic Four that they thought they should up the game a bit. They just introduced a Galactus Lookalike and frankly to be honest, this picture of the dead guy’s corpse looks even more stunning than recent Marvel Comics publications.

Fantastic Four

The Galactus dig is not the first done by a rival comic’s team. Planetary did the same. In that series, just like The Terrifics, there also was the corpse of a space God whose flesh and bones had become the birthing grounds for exotic alien plant and animal life. Just by looking at this picture, we can assume that The Terrifics is going to be one hell of an adventure!!!!

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