4 Superpowers of Iron Man That Only His Greatest Fans Know

The preponderance of Iron Man as an influential superhero between the Marvel and DC forces is very high and we know why. There are several reasons he’s got sarcasm, he is a rich playboy-billionaire, he has a cool Iron Man armor and he protects the world from criminality. It’s a combo pack of what we desire to be in this world. Well, as much as we know how Iron Man armor is so cool, the way it defends the world and to fight off his enemies, the armor does have some offensive powers. Let’s check out these five superpowers of Iron Man.

Telepathic Tasers

This one is a lethal to all those who possess telepathic powers. This prevents the telepathic users to use their powers. The Iron Man armor has a device in its electric jet which releases some kind of smell if inhaled by the telepathic users can disable them of their powers. This is one of the coolest amongst all iron man powers. 

Repulsor Rays

Repulsor Rays is one of the most common amongst Iron Man powers and his primary weapon, which comes out in a single stream of energy which repels extreme attacks and energy blasts. The energy blasts possess a penetrative power which can make a hole all the way through a mountain. The repulsor blast can be adjusted to from an omnidirectional beam to larger beams. The beams can be adjusted to 2 gigawatts of power.

Energy Blade

Iron Man Powers

Just like Tony Stark made a shield for Captain America, he has a laser sword which comes from his right hand. It can be turned into a shield to protect the armor in hostile conditions. It is reflexive in nature and can also be transformed as a shield on hands.

Smart missiles and plasma discharge

Iron Man

The smart missiles are the ultimate destructors of objects like buildings, weak structures and to inflict maximum damage to the enemies with minimum efforts. On the other hand, as the suits come in proximity of Vibranium, it discharges plasma.

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