X-Men Characters Who Aren’t Actually Mutants

Even though each level has its kind of specialty, some extremely popular X-Men characters are considered mutants, but in reality, are not. Now when we say mutant, one is born with the activated X-gene with levels of its prominence depending on the human gene it is intertwined with. So, in this blog, we will be discussing famous X-Men characters who are born without the infamous activated X-gene but are still considered mutants.

In the X-Men universe, there are several kinds of mutants. Well, when you ask some, we are talking about distinctively six categories: –

  1. Alpha Level
  2. Beta Level
  3. Gamma Level
  4. Delta Level
  5. Epsilon Level
  6. Omega Level


Yes, yes, we know the confusion but do not forget that to be a mutant you should have been born with the activated X-gene. Whereas Deadpool attains his healing ability after his X-gene is activated when he volunteers for the project X program being run by the US government and has a piece of wolverine’s skin grafted on him, resulting in the famous healing abilities. So simply put he is a normal human with wolverine’s DNA. Before this Wade Wilson was a normal human being suffering from cancer.


X-Men Characters Aren't Mutants

So, Juggernaut is professor X’s stepbrother, as Juggernaut’s father married Charles Xavier’s mother making Juggernaut and Charles X stepbrothers. Juggernaut has this unique ability to be unstoppable like his name suggests. With hulk strength and immortality imbued in his body, he has something called the Irresistible force embodiment. This means if he starts going in a certain direction, nothing and no one can stop him.

Hulk vs Juggernaut vs The Thing

Juggernaut’s power is credited to the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak which transformed him into a demonic avatar of the same name as the gem. With or without the gem Marko is still just a human.

Mister Sinister

X-Men Villains MCU X-Men Characters Aren't Mutants

Known as the most notorious X-villain, Mr. Sinister has forever been obsessed with the power that the mutants possessed long before Professor X was even born. Dr. Nathaniel Essex of 19th century London aka Mr. Sinister had mastered the science of genetics and was given a slate of powers by the ancient mutant Apocalypse. To perfect his powers along with the ones given to him by Apocalypse, the doctor augmented his DNA with several DNA’s of other mutants to clone a far superior being than his current self. His power includes shapeshifting abilities at cellular levels, making him practically indestructible and immortal and along the years has also become an advert telepath and telekinetic.

So simply put his powers came from an ancient mutant and his other prowess is the result of cloning a better version of his previous self.

Scarlet Witch & QuickSilver

Wanda & Pietro Mutants in The MCU
Wanda & Pietro Mutants in The MCU

Both of them were assumed to be Magneto’s kid, but in reality, were abducted for a lab experiment which was conducted on them by a group that called themselves Higher Evolutionary. QuickSilver can move extremely fast and Scarlet Witch is credited to being able to employ chaos magic and sometimes control the reality around her. There have been several retcons hinting at the origins of the twins, but the latest retcon confirmed them to be normal kids imbued with the power of the mind stone. This explains why Scarlet Witch was able to destroy the mind stone in Avengers: Endgame.


X-Men Characters Aren't Mutants

Lockheed has been the long-term companion of Shadowcat aka Kitty Pryde. Lockheed resembles a miniature dragon almost the shape of a cat with claws and purple-colored skin, he can spit fire, is a sturdy combatant for someone his size, not prone to telepathic attacks, and can travel through space via special astral ships, and is also empathetic. But Lockheed is not of earth and rather an alien dragon that Shadowcat encountered in a fight against Brood.


The Canadian version of X-Men, Eugene Judd was an athlete of huge stature and always seeking new adventures. He came across one such adventure where he met a deity in the form of Black Raazer of Baghdad. The spirit promised him a longer lifespan and an incredible increase in power but failed to mention to him the reduction of his stature to half of what he was if he was to go through with it.

X-Men Characters Aren't Mutants

As the name suggests Judd was gifted with the ability of rubber-like physiology that renders him high invulnerability and enables him to bounce off and into things at superhuman speeds. He also has considerable human strength for good measure.

Captain Britain

Facts About Captain Britain
Facts About Captain Britain

Brian Braddock who initially featured as Captain Britain in multiple iterations of Excalibur which was the perfect depiction of British X-Men. Captain Britain employs multiple powers like super strength, super agility, super durability, and flight. He also has access to several mystical items including the amulet of Right and sometimes even the famous Excalibur sword itself.

X-Men Characters Aren't Mutants
X-Men Characters Aren’t Mutants

Brian is supposedly approached by the Merlin of Arthurian legend whilst offering him a job and a choice, to become the champion of Britain by choosing between The Amulet of Right and the Sword of Might. Brian makes the right decision of choosing the Amulet of Right which automatically gives him access to the Sword of Might and qualified him to become Captain Britain.


X-Men Characters Aren't Mutants

He is one of the most popular and influential characters of the Mojoverse, which is an interdimensional realm dedicated to the multiverse reality TV from the time X-Men arrived in Mojoverse. Longshot had been genetically engineered to have multiple superhuman abilities along with the power to manipulate fields of probability and thus fabricate or produce good luck as long as he believes in it. The true origins of Longshot are shrouded in complex speculations and thus remain unanswered. But, for certain is not a mutant as the source of his power is courtesy of the mad scientists of Mojo.

Lady Deathstrike

Brutal fights between X-Men members
Brutal fights between X-Men members

One of the oldest arch-rivals of Wolverine and someone with higher agility than wolverine, Yuriko Oyama. I was her father who had discovered the procedure of being able to bond adamantium to one’s bone structure, only to have it stolen and used on the mutant Logan. For this very reason, Yuriko wishes to get rid of the wolverine. Lady Deathstrike can extend her nails into razor-sharp like claws to almost a foot in length and also a significant healing factor to be able to rival the likes of the wolverine. Yuriko took up her father’s plan and combined it with cybernetics to achieve the desired results.


Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics
X-Men Characters Aren’t Mutants

Fantomex is an artificial blend of human and sentinel, he was created by the same people who ran the Weapon X project and infused adamantium with the body of wolverine. After that weapon X had moved on to a super solider project which resulted in the creation of a Sentiman known as Fantomex. Fantomex has three brains and an external nervous system that doubles as a spaceship. These abilities give him several powers including the ability to temporarily misdirect his opponents with a view of a false made-up reality.

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