10 Lesser-Known Secrets of Famous Marvel Characters

Marvel Cinematic Universe has opened the floodgates of several superheroes to a wider audience. People who have not read comic books in their lives before are falling head over heels for the Marvel heroes and even seen quoting the like of Iron Man and Groot in multiple instances. With multiple movies hitting the silver screen, getting to know more about your beloved superhero has certainly become more fun. But there is still a lot of characters that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not delved into yet like Blade, Inhumans, Fantastic Four, and the villains which come with each one of these Marvel-connected series. Below is a list of popular Marvel Cinematic Universe characters and some of the origin or hidden details about them that have been an unknown secret for a long time.

Iron Man

At the time during which Stan created Iron Man, Tony was a weapons contractor, who became rich by developing and selling weapons to armies, he was a womanizer, an alcoholic, and had serious issues regarding his personality. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe something similar happened with Robert Downey Jr., he was not the most popular actor at that time and was even suffering from issues of substance abuse. He starred in the Iron Man movie and today stands atop one of the highest-paid actors of all time.


Thanos seemed like a threat from a distant planet, but rather is from the one of Saturn’s moon of Titan in our very own solar system. Titan was rehabilitated by the god-like beings called the Eternals and so every person born on the moon of Titan was a flawless creation of nature. Until Thanos was born, his wrinkly chin and his purple-colored skin made him stand apart from the people of Titan, who also made him feel like an outcast.

Captain America

Many fans have contradicted this claim of Captain America not being a superhero. Steve has been blessed with heightened superhuman capabilities which have been maxed out with the help of the super-soldier serum. The serum does not give him any power as in such, because the serum’s purpose was to unlock the complete potential of its test subject and that’s what exactly the serum did for Steve.


Amazing Spider-Man MCU

Spider-Man does not have the clinging power in his hands alone, it’s all across his body. This is why during his battles with some extremely powerful villains he manages to keep his suit on without letting it move around or coming off as he is holding on to it.

Hank Pym

This is not a nice one, but apparently in the Marvel comics universe in an edition, the writer went a little over in terms of emotion and turned a nudge into a cross. The story was done and there was no time to redo it. Luckily in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the incident might not come to light as Janet had been trapped in the quantum realm for decades.


Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Marvel comic universe, Thor and Captain aren’t the only ones worthy of wielding Mjolnir. There have been many characters who have been known to wield the mighty Mjolnir starting from Bor (Thor’s grandfather), Odin, Beta Ray Bill, Goddess of Thunder, Thunderstrike, Wonder Woman, and many more.


In the Marvel Comics Universe, there have been other characters who have taken up the mantle of Ronin apart from Maya & Clint. In a certain series, we see Alexei Shostakov, a black widow’s ex-husband picking up the mantle in the ‘Hawkeye & Mockingbird’ crossover. Eric Brooks otherwise known as Blade takes up the shroud in ‘Inhumanity Storyline’.


Unknown Secrets of Marvel Characters

In the Marvel Comics Universe, Drax is created by Kronos to slaughter Thanos. Kronos was Thanos’s grandfather and in the comics saves a man by the name of Arthur Douglas and loans him a soul he has on spare with the sole deal of him killing Thanos in exchange for life. The origin story of Drax from MCU differs greatly in context from the Drax of the comics.

The Collector

The Collector belongs to a group of a super-elite group known as the ‘Elders of the Universe’. Each elder is the only surviving member of an ancient race, who are immensely powerful and immortal. In addition to the collector, the other members include The Grandmaster, The Judicator, The Gardener, Father time, and Ego.


Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics
Unknown Secrets of Marvel Characters

Apart from the introduction of X-23, wolverine also has a son. While spending his time in Japan, wolverine met a married woman named Itsu, who bore him a son before being killed off by the winter soldier. The son was adopted by a wealthy family and named Akihiro, and was later known by the name Daken (Mongrel).

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