Could Crossbones have survived Captain America Civil War?

It was the most anticipated superhero movie of 2016, and it delivered big pay-off for the Marvel fans. It opened to the entire world and raked in massive box office collections surpassing Billion dollar mark. The reviews were largely positive, rotten tomatoes rating stands at 90%. But, it couldn’t break the opening weekend record of Avengers: Age of Ultron ($191 million), let alone The Avengers ($207 million).

Due to loss of property and human life as a result of Avengers actions, General Ross pointed out the need for maintaining oversight through Sokovia Accords i.e set of internationally ratified legal documents that provide regulation and framework for the military deployment of enhanced individuals and maintaining international rules of combat in the event of a war. It was particularly meant to control the unlimited powers enjoyed by superhero teams like Avengers, drafted by UN & signed by over 170 countries in the wake of a trail of devastation left by Ultron in the Battle of Sokovia. This created deep fissures among Tony Stark and Captain America resulting into a division of Avengers into two camps: Team Iron Man and Team Cap.

In the first scene, Team Cap is chasing someone by the name Rumlow who is wearing an outfit similar to Crossbones. Frank Grillo (the actor who played Crossbones) is suggesting that his character may have actually survived, this has sent the Marvel fanboys into a tailspin. But there may be some credence to his theory as we never saw the dead body. We saw Rumlow blew himself up standing next to Steve Rogers as he was wearing a suicide vest, but right at that moment Scarlett Witch intervened and used her powers to create a force-field around the explosion to save the people on the ground as well as Cap himself. But it backfired and innocent people died anyways which triggered the Civil war. He may have escaped with deep injuries. Could he come back in future Marvel movies?


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