10 Highly Anticipated Anime of 2022 We Can’t Wait For!!!

The anime world has seen quite a bit of an upturn lately. With Streaming services such as Netflix bringing Animes into their fold, these shows have become mainstream. We see this genre blooming in the states with more and more youths delving into the weeaboo culture. Although all of us might not be fluent in anime, we can still talk about the highly anticipated anime of 2022. In fact, here is a list of the top 10 most awaited anime releases this year. Take a look

Overlord Season 4

With Sword Art Online the world of anime delved into the new isekai genre. This is a branch where the protagonist is transported into a fantasy world. On the other hand, One-Punch Man is an anime that started the overpowered protagonist trope. Overlord is an anime that combines both tropes and gives us a dark dominator in the form of Ains Ooal Gown. This is a character who was human at the start of the series but has since been transformed into an Elder Lich. He now plans to take over the new world he was transported in. Overlord season 4 is coming to your screens this year.



Junji Ito is probably one of the most horrifyingly brilliant mangakas in the business. His proficiency with horror is quite terrifying, pun intended. The man has scared generations of readers and now one of his scariest works is being adapted into anime. Uzumaki is a project about which we know precious little. It is known that the series will be produced by both Production I.G. and Adult Swim. Other than that we don’t know what the story of the show will be. To be honest, we are too scared to find out and yet we cannot wait to see it.


Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun

Made In Abyss has gained somewhat of a legendary status in recent years. The franchise kicked off in 2017 and has only gotten bigger ever since. You don’t expect the franchise to ask the questions it asks, but it asks them all the same. It is a very hard-hitting show with exceptional twists and turns that we will not spoil for a novice viewer. The franchise is set to receive a continuation with Made in Abyss: The Golden City of The Scorching Sun which should release in 2022, we hope.


Chainsaw Man

I remember back when I first discovered  Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man manga. The book did not have a lot of readers but the few fans it did have were furiously loyal to the franchise. Slowly but surely, the title grew into one of the most interesting series out there. The manga gained popularity and is now finally receiving an animation adaptation. We hope that this will release in 2022, but we cannot be sure if that will happen. It will be fun to see these iconic story arcs in full animated mode.


Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War

Highly Anticipated Anime of 2022

One of the big four animes of the industry, Bleach is about to receive an anime adaptation for its concluding story arc. After the Arrancar and Fullbring saga in the Bleach anime, the next arc in the manga is the ‘thousand-year blood warsaga. The quinces finally bring down their wrath upon the shinigami and they do it in incredible fashion. This final installment to the Bleach anime is set to release in the fall of 2022.


Boku No Hero Acamedia : Season 6

The next installment of the Boku No Hero Academia series is set to release later this year. Although the fans have been pretty cross with the studio’s anime adaption for ruining the latest arcs, there is hope for this new season. Rumors suggest that the production team has shown great loyalty to the source material for the sixth season, in an attempt to satiate the fan demands. Let’s see if this is actually true.


The Devil Is A Part-Timer: Season 2

This is an amazing show, and probably one of the first reverse isekai to ever premiere on TV. The show follows a demon lord as he flees from his realm and finds himself in modern-day Japan. This realm does not have a lot of magic so the demon lord finds himself depowered and struggling to make a living. Consequently, he has to take up part-time work in a fast food joint and struggle to survive. This is a slice-of-life comedy that has been begging for season 2 from the day of its release. July 2022 is when we may get it.


Rising of the Shield Hero: Season 2

One of the shows that are based on a light novel, Rising of the Shield Hero follows the shield hero, of the four cardinal heroes as he learns to master his tool. The first season of the anime received a lot of praise and people loved the hero who played the villain to make sure everyone around him is safe and sound. This story is quite peculiar and very adorable at points. So it is very nice to hear that we are finally getting a season 2 in April 2022.


Spy X Family

Highly Anticipated Anime of 2022

Tatsuya Endo wrote one of the most ingenious manga’s of modern times with Spy X FamilyIt is a story of a fake family trying to live together while they also try to fulfill their underlying mission. The anime has everything from slice-of-life conversations to exquisite set pieces and just a dash of overarching romance. This makes for a very entertaining show and one that we cannot wait to watch.


Dragon Ball: Super Hero

The Dragon Ball series has made quite a flashy comeback to the anime genre with The Battle of The Gods and Ressurection F followed by a full-fledged Dragon Ball Super series. Now with the end of The Tournament of Power arc” Goku has finally ascended to the level of mastering the Ultra Instinct. There is not much that can challenge the Saiyan now. Although, it seems that the new Dragon Ball movie might have something for us to sink our teeth into. Dragon Ball: Super Hero comes out on April 22nd in Japan and it is sure to dominate the entire world.

So these are all the Highly-Anticipated Anime of 2022. Which of them are you excited about? Let us know in the comments.

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