Iron Man Just Got His Most Powerful Armor Yet In Marvel

Iron Man is one of the most important characters we know as of now in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have seen the said character make some critical moves just to put the justice back in order, and be a prominent part of the Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Avengers. But if we slide away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while and go back to Iron Man’s character in the comics, we have some fairly exciting news. Now Tony Stark, Iron Man, is no superhuman. He is purely who he is because of his knowledge, fighting tactics, his billion worthy technology, and of course, his wit that is incalculable. In the recent King in Black #3, Iron Man just pulled out all stops. Read below to know more.

Iron Man Most Powerful Armor

Earlier, Marvel’s King of Black crossover event where Tony plans to get Eddie Brock back into fighting shape by taming a symbiote, eventually killing the former Venom, and Tony is not feeling about it. But, he is not aware of the one who is fighting by his side – undoubtedly one of the Marvel Universe’s most iconic figures. As Tony glares over the leftover remains of New York City from the top of a skyscraper, his despair is hindered by Doctor Doom, who has no interest in sympathizing with Eddie brick’s death and offers Tony a voice of reason and encouragement.

He pursues Iron Man to not belittle himself and reminds him that he is not the one who backs down in the corner and shrills, that he has never given up before, and they’re certain isn’t time to do so. As they talk, their conversation is interrupted by what just had been drawn in the sky. None can believe what they’re seeing but the two are undoubtedly looking at a flying sleigh drawn by reindeer. Unfortunately, this Christmas miracle has been distorted and remade by Knull’s living darkness. It might not be the Kris Kringle that Tony was hoping for, but it’s a perfect opportunity to put his new Extremis-infused symbiote suit to test.

Iron Man Most Powerful Armor

The King in Black has made his way to Earth, and as a result, it has left both – Marvel’s heroes and villains scrambling to fight the God of Symbiotes. In the latest issue of the series, iron Man has come up with a brand-new way to battle Knull head-on: He’s used his Extremis armor to take over a symbiote Celestial. King in Black #3 by Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, Frank Martin, JP Mayer, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, begins with the heroes deciding to unleash Dylan Brock against Knull. The symbiote-hybrid actually holds his own against a Knull-ified Captain America, and alongside Thor, they actually do some damage to the villain. As the King in Black summons his symbiote Celestials, Iron Man reveals he’s starting to understand his connection to the symbiotes better and uses it to take control of a Celestial.

Iron Man Most Powerful Armor

Yes, Tony Stark’s latest armor is a literal Celestial. With the all-powerful cosmic being at his disposal, Stark takes a giant swing at Knull’s Celestial, knocking it to the ground with a mammoth punch. Iron Man controlling the Celestial is without question the most power he’s had in any form of armor and is a great counter to Knull’s dark army. Considering bonding with the symbiote dragon has a negative effect on Stark, controlling an entire Celestial might do some real damage to Iron Man. The issue ends with Knull capturing Dylan and the remaining heroes left to figure out how to stop the King in Black from killing him. Earlier, when Eddie Brock was thrown off the Empire State Building he hits the ground, severely wounded and nearly dead. Fantastic four tried to take care of Eddie, but as they were doing that Iron Man came in, and devises a plan to keep Eddie alive. He believes that Eddie is the only one who can do that but for this plan to work, he needs to get his hands on a symbiote dragon, which is considerably bigger and more powerful than a regular symbiote. Iron Man heads back out and he finds the nearest symbiote dragon.

Iron Man Most Powerful Armor

Iron Man’s control of a Celestial won’t stop Knull singlehandedly, but it’s sure to be a powerful weapon against the dragons and infected hordes that have plagued Earth. Perhaps Stark can use his Extremis armor on another hero to gain control of the other cosmic juggernaut. Regardless, it’s incredibly cool to see Iron Man gain control of a Celestial and engage in a giant-on-giant fight with Knull’s symbiote. King in Black #3 is in stores now.

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