Why Are We Getting A Fantastic Four Movie Before X-Men?

Fantastic Four Movie Before X-Men:

Ever since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, there have been hunches all around the world regarding which character/team will make its way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Phase 4 has already been filled out to its almost maximum extent, so the fans were left wondering, who is going to make the list:? Fantastic Four or the X-Men? Well, sadly for the X-men fans, no such announcements were made during the mastic Disney Investor’s Day for X-Men, but it was explicitly announced that Spider-Man director Jon Watts will officially direct the Fantastic Four for Marvel Studios. No release date, cast, writer, or even the production date has been announced yet but we are sure to expect the information as soon as possible.

When nothing was announced, fans all over the world were left to believe that none of the franchises will make it to the Marvel universe until Phase 5. At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige even teased that there were plans for those properties but that they  “ran out of time” at the big Hall H presentation. if we talk about the recent events, then Marvel Studios has seen some major shake-ups during the global pandemic leading to delays in production and release dates. But the Fantastic Four made the cut, unfortunately for all the eager X-Men fans, nothing was said about when the MCU will introduce the powerful mutants.

X-Men Dark Phoenix Reviews

Before the acquisition, X-Men: Dark Phoenix was the final installment in Fox’s X-Men Cinematic Universe to be released in theaters. From the enormous box office disappointment as well as the film’s negative reception among critics, X-Men: Dark Phoenix was a disastrous finale for Fox’s X-Men franchise that started in 2000. Releasing too close to that release would be a dangerous prospect.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Director

The Fantastic Four has only a two-film series and comparatively less big-screen presence as well as a reboot that bombed critically and financially. As with the Inhumans, the Fantastic Four also have priority behind them because they hold the title of being Marvel’s First Family and are an iconic part of the history of the comic. They aren’t being brought to the MCU in place of the X-Men to serve only mutant-kind, they deserve high billing on their own. The first Fantastic Four movie was released in 2005, and then came back for a reboot after an entire decade in 2015, and it was not received well by the public or the critics whatsoever. It came off as a desperate attempt and was reciprocated in the same manner.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Director

Now if they ever come back, it will be a six-year gap from Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. We wonder what all changes will we get to see in Jon Watt’s direction and the change in the cast in this much-anticipated movie. Adding a little spark to the same factor, the very real selling point that they can bring something entirely new into the MCU that other films haven’t focused on too much. but that does not go on to say that the X-Men project doesn’t matter, but it would be foolish not to acknowledge the difficulty posed by the proximity to the just-ended Fox franchise.

Well, nothing as of now is known about Marvel Studio’s Fantastic Four film, it will be interesting to see what new developments can come into play. But we are also actively looking forward to some positive news on the X-Men too. We just cannot hide the excitement of seeing X-Men teaming up with other Marvel heroes.

Marvel Superhero Teams Better Than Avengers

If Fantastic Four is being introduced in Marvel’s Phase 4, we have a hunch that X-Men will either be hinted at or announced some time soon. If that happens, Marvel is going to be at the pinnacle of its existence and that might even cover the absence of our favorite Marvel characters – Captain America and Iron Man. Both the characters were put to an end in the climax of Avengers: Endgame and the fans could not bear this loss.

But if we can find some distractions or some new characters as lovely as the formerly mentioned, then Marvel will go stronger than ever and this will be something entirely new for the entire world to see. Let’s hope for the best.

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