Did You Notice This? Same Battle, Different Perspectives

In a recent re-visit to past by Director Zack Synder, following the main events in the life of Batman V Superman opens a prologue which shares a follow up from 2013 Man of Steel where Superman is seen battling General Zod and his fellow Kryptonian soldiers. While on the other side we see Batman’s Dark night visit to the night which led Bruce Wayne to form his identity as the caped crusader.

In a recent YouTube video, you get to see the “re-edit” version of the Battle of Metropolis video, uploaded by “The Film Guy”. The video basically focuses on how the two movies (Batman V Superman and Man of Steel) depicted the same battle but played out in a different perspective.

In the movie Man of Steel, you get to see Superman struggling against the heat vision of General Zod, while the same battle when seen through the eyes of Bruce Wayne, shows General Zod burning a hole through a building while it collapses killing few civilians in doing so. We see Bruce rush in to save the civilians but the destruction seems way beyond control.

While this comparison seems pretty interesting, we do get to understand that Batman V Superman never used the original footage from the movie Man of Steel to depict this battle. The entire plot was to show the battle between Superman and Zod from the eyes of Bruce Wayne. Which gives us a pretty good idea why Bruce hated Superman from the start.

Technically it was Zod who created the whole destruction with his unstable heat vision, while Superman was only trying to stop him in doing so. On the other hand, Bruce can only see the destruction and not the effort put by Superman to stop Zod from further damage to Metropolis, a tricky situation since both seem right on their part.

Continuing the connection between the two movies, another instance shows Lex Luthor still has the possession of Zod’s deceased body. Which only indicates that Lex has been doing some extensive experiments if Zod’s body using the Kryptonite trying to learn its strength and weaknesses.

This just goes on to show that they were quite a few scenes that were picked from Man of Steel but were more of a miss than hit.

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